About anonymous comments

Anonymity fosters recklessness. If you are here, chances are you've read and commented on other Blogger blogs, so just take a moment and create an ID*. No one is going to hunt you down or steal your identity via this information. You can call yourself almost anything, give completely false info, I don't care.

If you had your heart set on remaining anonymous, ask yourself if it is because whatever you had to say wasn't something you wanted to be associated with. Guess what? That's a pretty good indicator that you shouldn't say it.

*It's been brought to my attention that it might be helpful to include instructions on how to register. Here you go:

You can either create a plain ol' Google account, or a Blogger account. For Google, go here and click on the link near the bottom right that says "Create an account now."

For Blogger, just look up at the top of the main blog window in the Blogger navbar. The far right-hand side has a link to "Sign in." Click that, and it takes you to the sign in page, where you should click "Create your blog now" (note that you don't really have to create a blog even if you do this).