Simply breathtaking: Jake Gyllenhaal in a white t-shirt
Casually devastating
Hair tousled, no effort expended
Bringing me to my knees
With a posture that says,
Yeah, so?
while that piercing sapphire gaze
commands, Want me. Love me.
And, oh, I do.


Xenia said...

Oh Cherita...you will never know how much I understand you...joy and pain from the same source...
I can see you fighting for everything you need and against every imposition and falling under the spell of Beauty without any defence and any will of defence, powerless and free...

...And I love your poetry, but you knew this already...

Cherita said...

Wow! What you just wrote impresses me more than my lame-ass poem. And you're not even a native English speaker. :P Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence; since I've seen what your taste is like, this is truly high praise. I'm honored!