Why? An introduction

No, I am not especially convinced that the internet needs yet another blog related to Jake Gyllenhaal. However, recent events have led me to believe that my experience is not represented by any of those already in existence, and since I enjoy few things more than writing, talking, and thinking about Jake, I'm here to represent myself.

Zen means meditation. Zen Buddhism is an ancient Eastern philosophy which teaches that peace and ultimately an enlightened state called Nirvana can be reached only by letting go of intense personal attachments and emotions, by means of meditation. A path of eight steps is defined, through which Enlightenment is achieved.

This blog isn't about Zen Buddhism. Don't ask me about Buddhism. I am not a Buddhist. My total knowlege of Buddhism stems from a 3-credit-hour World Religion class at community college 14 years ago, plus whatever apocryphal nonsense I have absorbed via pop culture references. If you want to learn more about it, I recommend you start here, or here, or even here.

My concept of Zen Gyllenhaalism is as simple or as complex as the follower desires it to be.

Basic: Meditate upon Jake. Experience happiness.

Slightly deeper: The act of focusing upon Jake requires one to block out negativity and thoughts of the day's trials; it also brings a natural euphoria through sheer sensory pleasure and imaginative contemplation.

You can't be serious?: Attachment leads to suffering. That includes attachment to our desires and fantasies. Become conscious of the truth that the Jake you adore is not the man you see in movies and photos; he is a construct in your head, built of anecdotes about a celebrity, enhanced by every additional input (interviews, film performances, randomly recorded behaviors) to become ever more detailed and lifelike, but having no actual connection to the individual bearing that name and likeness. Appreciate the pleasurable qualities exhibited by Jake for their own sake, and allow this knowledge to inspire you in art or in action.

If any of that sounds good to you, or if you just think I'm crazy enough to be entertaining for a while, stick around.


Xenia said...

Here you are Cherita!

I've been missing you and your witty comments on JW Forum...

And now that I've discovered this interesting blog of yours I'll be keeping an eye on you!!

I'll be honoured to follow you on your way to Enlightment...

cherita said...

Thanks for coming in, Xenia. I hope I can provide some amusement and further spread the practice of Zen Gyllenhaalism among current Gyllenhaalics, and I'd be thrilled to inspire some new ones, too.