Comfort zone

Tuesday evening Jake, casually devastatingPlease prepare to sigh deeply and feel the overwhelming urge to drop everything in favor of watching one of Jake's movies, like, now, before you check out this Film Experience post by Nathaniel R.


New pics of Jake back in Beverly Hills showed up yesterday while I was completely removed from computer access, naturally. Sometimes it really does feel like he's heard our comments; for example, the recent references to the longevity of some items in his wardrobe. That shirt is at least three years old. The jeans go back at least two years, as do those goofy shoes. Together, the ensemble perfectly highlights his cuddly/sexy vibe. It would not work on anyone who isn't Jake Gyllenhaal.

Seriously, the shirt looks even better on Jake now than in 2004Some things in life, I just don't want to know about, but they find me anyway, frequently by accident while following my Jake news routine. This morning I can add knowledge of the existence of House M.D. slash to that list. Hey, I love me some House (Hugh Laurie is one of those men who turns me on without my clearly understanding why), and I've always been a fan of Robert Sean Leonard, but, I don't care to go there. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since the whole slash thing started off with the exceptionally unsexy (to me) pairing of Kirk and Spock. At least House and Wilson don't make me want to recommend the writer of said fics receive electroconvulsive therapy. It's good that I have these lovely images of Jake to erase the mental ones conjured by my unfortunate discovery.

And you know how I feel about Jake's preference for the button flyYesterday I made a discovery of a different kind. I was attending a mandatory annual "meeting" for work, which is really more of a party designed to let all the staff in the district meet and give them a screwoff day to boost morale, and when I lined up for the buffet lunch, I was behind a gentleman from our marketing section with whom I've spoken many times over the course of my job. He turned to me and mentioned that the last time he was at my office, he'd noticed a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal on my desk. Was I a fan? He was immediately graced with my involuntary Gyllenhaalic blush and I grinned. "Are you?" I asked him, and after a second's hesitation, he said he was indeed. We shared an endless stream of barely coherent gushing about Jake that covered Donnie Darko, his visits to Ellen, Brokeback Mountain, Rendition and Zodiac. Before he left, he'd written down my recommendations for Jake movie rentals. It was a warm experience on an otherwise Jakeless afternoon.

All photos: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

You never when Jake will walk into your day do ya? I recommended Zodiac to a customer at work the other day and he came back in today and told me he loved. See I am sharing the love a little bit at a time.

Xenia said...

Loved, loved, loved that post!!
I've already listed the blog on my favs.

Your Jake Gyllenhaal's clothes's review cracked me up...:D
I rembered about the jeans and the 'shoes' while I had some troubles with that shirt...fortunately you had that covered!
Mmmm Jake in black leather and tight jeans...

And what a wonderful meeting at the 'meeting'!! Another fellow Gyllenhaalic in disguise...
Definitely, we're not alone...;)

Cherita said...

I know what you mean, BG, about never knowing when Jake will come up. Since I stuck that printed photograph of him on my desk, I've had several brief, wildly fun conversations with co-workers about the boy. I love it. :) Glad you reco'ed Zodiac, and of course the guy loved it! I practically insisted that the man from the meeting get it and watch it immediately, as he hadn't done yet. Will let you know if I hear back from him on that!

I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Xenia. And the previous sighting of that shirt was just something near the top of my mind anyway, since I considered using images of that ACLU event in the last post! Then Jake goes and wears it about town again. He's lovely to do such things for us, isn't he?