Let me in

Only Jake could make me use 'profound' and 'beauty' in the same sentence
I tremble with the need to touch you.

This ache, long savored,
swells, filling my being
at the sight of your photographed image.

That you don't understand what your pictures bring
is part of the uncanny grace that makes you worth looking at.

So much of what you are is reflected
in glimpses, snapped
like this one
capturing a moment
of shyness
of sweetness
of subtle, tantalizing mischief
as the photographer no doubt has directed this half-naked stance.

So far beyond the mere aesthetic,
your profound beauty,
and it radiates through every still frame,
every candid exposure;
your expression says you think this photo will be pure beefcake, silly.

I see it with my heart.

Not a man without his shirt
but a man, full of humility, and humor, and a desire to please.

That is the genius of this photograph: it captures the essence of you.

And that is why I tremble.

My aching, yes, to caress the dark swirls on golden skin
and in doing, touch the man inside. You.

Photo by Mario Testino, as featured in Let Me in, by way of jakegyllenhaalfan.com.


BirdGirl said...

Oh God did you hit the nail on the head. I just love that shy, sweet smile of his. No man has ever affected me like this. Just the mere sight of him makes my knees go weak. Okay more like fall flat on my face. All it takes is a photo. Jesus, it hurts sometimes.

Cherita said...

It does hurt, quite often. But yes, that expression, in a pose like this, just knocked me out immediately. He's so fucking modest--he really doesn't believe he's as beautiful as we see him--and while I enjoy looking at attractive men, the beefcake alone doesn't inspire such intense passion. It's the glimpses of his personality, like in this image, that make photos of Jake so precious to me.

BirdGirl said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. He is shy about it. I am sure you remember Ellen with the shirt. You can just tell that the guy has no idea. I really do think it’s the reason why I am so head over heals in love with him. Guys who are good looking and know that they are good looking (in my experience) turn out to be assholes. Not our Jakey! He's an enigma.

Xenia said...

Yes, he was enchanting on Ellen, he's always enchanting with an older woman flirting with him...
And I think at that infamous This Morning interview as a masterpiece actually, because he is absolutely IRRESISTIBLE with both that delicious flirty attitude of his, that mischievous innocence, and the shyness that makes him blush at the question (really BOLD actually) "You're quite fit in real life, aren't you"...Swear to God I would jump him immediately...
and I would do EXACTLY the same thing if I had Jake with me, before...ahem...other things...

BTW beautiful poem Cherita, I'm a faithful fan of your poetry, you know this...;)

OT : I would like to vote on the new poll, but I'm torn because there's no answer that really matches the answer I'd like to give.
Briefly : I think Jake was great in Rendition, i think that he was one of the best thing of a film that really did't make me enthusiastic, but his Douglas Frieman wasn't BETTER than his Jack Twist or his Swoff...so what to do? Just asking...

Cherita said...

My opinion is exactly the same on Douglas, Xenia. I chose #2, because as impressed as I was with him in Rendition, we got so much more from him when he had more to do, like with Jack Twist or Tony Swofford (or even Robert Graysmith). Not saying he didn't work as hard at what he did, but that the role overall offered more. So that answer fit best.

Just a suggestion. ;)

I was thisclose to showing my mother the poem last night. Can't do it. I don't want her to start asking me about what I'm doing with my writing (am I sending it in for publication anywhere? what else have I written? who reads it? etc.) because I'm not ready to deal with those issues. She doesn't know this blog exists, because I wouldn't feel comfortable with this level of honesty if I knew she were reading it (and she would, just to read me). I'm probably not unique in that I tend to try to protect my family from knowing some of the things I feel that might unduly concern them, especially since they are usually so fleeting and inconsequential in the grand scheme.

Xenia said...

Thanks for your suggestion Cherita, it's a good one...;)
(Why did I forget about Jake's Robert Graysmith? I LOVED him!)

I totally relate on your feelings about your family and your obsessions, obviously I told them and any other very little about Jake, most of all joking about it when there's nothing to joke about I'm afraid...
When I went to Rome I had to give away a little more so I said I was going to see a certain 'movie' I absolutely wanted to see and what my mother said to me is, more or less : You've always been in love with men who don't exist, you have to look for a man who's real!
Damn, she nailed it. And she didn't even know anything.
Ah, mothers...

BirdGirl said...

Ahh mothers, our best friends but or biggest critics. My mother knows very little about my Jake obsession. I am afraid of what she would say. It's funny because she has always known about my other obsessions. This one is just different. It's more then an obsession. It's... well... to us it's love. She would never understand. And she would criticize. Oh well it's good to have a little mystery. Isn’t it?

Cherita said...

When I went to Rome I had to give away a little more so I said I was going to see a certain 'movie' I absolutely wanted to see and what my mother said to me is, more or less : You've always been in love with men who don't exist, you have to look for a man who's real!
Damn, she nailed it. And she didn't even know anything.

Yes, they know us better than we'd like to admit, don't they? I'm in the same boat, always in love with some fantasy, and while my mother knows I'm pretty crazy about Jake, she would probably panic if she ever learned how bad it really is.

Like you said, BG, it is love, and I think part of the reason I've had a long string of obsessions (starting back when I was about 12) is that secret factor. It's a thing to hold on to when I'm feeling lonely or pissed off or just sick of the world; I carry it with me everywhere, my little treasure, something that I can retreat into and revel in. And the reveling has never been as satisfying as it is now with Jake. :D

BirdGirl said...

What can I say I have an obsessive personality. Way back to New Kids on the Block. :) Thank God my tastes have improved.