Eager prey

Against you,
what defense?

That any mere mortal
breathe in air
charged by your presence
not exhale it, now your slave

How can anyone be so masculine and yet so...inviting? Jake is unique.To keep muscles engaged
not fall to knees
and hands
but stand to meet
your deserving gaze

This, perhaps.

But so, while the heart
having any human quality
beats faster
a seething, wounded thing
its rhythm, permanently altered

No, no defense
but the only one afforded:
physical denial
cruel, mean truth.

(I promise, I really will work on that other topic today. You know how it is sometimes--Jake just suddenly demanded some adoration from me this morning. He can be very intense and...imperative. Best to do as he commands.)

Photo: Esquire, via IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

Nothing can save us from him. It is a lost cause. Then again do we really want to be saved? I don't! :) All this talk of thighs, calves, back, and neck has me all sweaty. You always can read my dirty mind Cherita.

Yes I do know Happy Days. How funny I never even thought about that. Mrs. Cunningham. Haaa haa.

I am sure I won't be on as much in the coming weeks either. I am in retail hell remember. I actually have to work on Thanksgiving. No one should be open. WTF!!!!! I do get time and a half and a 3 day weekend though. But still. By time the holidays are over I will be really pissy so you guys must excuse me. It will be your job girls to calm me down and talk me down from the ledge so to speak. I will have to fill my free time with sweet, sweet Jake. He always helps.

sass said...

Beautiful poem and Of course beautiful Jake pic:) I've really enjoyed reading your blog.

Xenia said...

Your Muse is channelling one of my favourite themes in poetry...

Desire, obsession 'in absence' of the object of love...

Not so off-topic...:)

Cherita said...

Okay, so I still haven't gotten the fan post written. There's a very specific reason why, though. *looks askance* I'm just not going to, um, mention it at the moment. :P

BG, I don't envy you at all! What a trial, retail at the holidays. You're right, you'll need some serious Jake time to recover with. Fortunately he's always good for it...I can go from tense as a bundle of fiberoptic cable to a pool of warm, happy goo in minutes with his help.

Thanks for coming back in, Sass! And thanks for the compliment. I know what I do here has a limited appeal, so it's nice to hear from people who appreciate it. :D

Xenia, you know that's pretty much a requisite ingredient in anything I write about Jake, except the most lurid and escapist forays. Despite my rational mind, I still find it baffling whenever I encounter someone who doesn't have this reaction to Jake. But then again, I remind myself, I'd rather keep him a cult thing, a secret, than have him become Brad Pitt. Right now he's somewhere in between.

Xenia said...

I was glad that most of the people who were waiting for Jake in Rome (at least people who were within my ears's reach) rembered and loved him mostly from Donnie Darko (expecially guys, girls were definitely more inclined to Jarhead...;).
It made me feel more a connoiseur than the crazy person I was feeling at that time...:)

Zodiac said...

Guys, what happened to the forum on Jakewatch? Is it gone? *starts running around in panic*

Zodiac said...

Oh,OK, it's back. Couldn't open it for a really long time, thought it was gone just like the blog.

So well, cheria, good job, I keep reading your blog. Take care

sass said...

Hi Cherita,
Now I am beginning to worry. Hope you're OK...hugs