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Jake and Anna Paquin in This Is Our YouthIf Michael Riedel of the New York Post has any idea what he's talking about, Jake Gyllenhaal is confirmed to star in "Farragut North" on Broadway. This is a good news, bad news article, the only bad news being that the play is set to open "in the midst of the presidential election next fall." We were originally expecting to see it some time this fall, which then became "winter of 2008."

Jake and Hayden Christensen in This Is Our YouthThe good news, apart from Jake's being cast, is that much-respected director Mike Nichols has "quietly wrested ["Farragut North"] away from Second Stage, the off-Broadway company that was to have presented it later this year." Wait, it gets better.

Jake holds his Outstanding Newcomer award

Written by Beau Willimon (who worked on Dean's 2004 campaign), "Farragut North" is a hot property right now, with George Clooney and Matt Damon having snapped up the film rights.
Please, fates, gods, whatever entities are out there, perhaps benign, perhaps scary and Lovecraftian, please let all of this be true.

Update: Now we've got Playbill in on the act, and instead of serving as a reassuring confirmation, they've titled their article as a question: "Will Nichols Direct Country Girl and Farragut North for Broadway?" Why must you torture me in this fashion? If you read the text without regard for that silly question mark, it sounds all in the bag. I need to know now if I must begin saving money for a New York trip in 2008, or I can continue spending frivolously on multiple DVD releases of Jake's movies.

Photos: IHJ, All Stars Online.


Marina said...

Cherita! Girl, what a fabulous idea for a blog - very clever. I *love* the banner and the haikus. I'll be visiting this "temple" often. ;)

Cherita said...

Thanks, Marina! I had a lot of fun writing these haikus. Just today I was thinking it's time to add a few more. I'm glad you noticed them. :) Please do come back!

Marina said...

Cherita, please do write more! These were great, and I think haiku is hard to write, because of the constraints of the limited amount of words and syllables. My favorite is the one about Jack. :') Can you do one about Bubbleboy? :)

Cherita said...

Done! Keep refreshing to see it. ;) Hopefully there will be one or two more soon. Thanks for the suggestion. Eventually I think I'll have one for every character he's ever played, in addition to those that are just pure Jake. He's such an inspiration, it's scary!

Xenia said...

Wow!! I'm right back from my isolation and I'm soaking in so many Jake news!!

So...good news on Jake on Broadway... but, I have to say, any Jake news are good news...

Anyway, I popped up just to say hello and that I'm glad of being back to comment on your blog, Cherita,(I noticed that I'm not the sole member of your audience anymore...really good!)

I've been missing you my friend...oh and I've been missing Jake of course ;)

Cherita said...

Xenia, welcome back! Yes, almost any Jake news would be good news, except if it were, say, that he's given up acting to become a monk. It might be good news to him, but it would suck for me.

I wish we could get some firm confirmation of the Broadway thing, but at least his name is still associated with it.

It's good to have you back, my friend! You have some catching up to do. ;)