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Jake signs autographs at the Brokeback Mountain TIFF screeningOne unfortunate side effect of Jake's summer vacation has been the uninterrupted propagation of the same old assorted rumors and gossip about his personal life by people who pretend their word is fact. I suppose in a way I do sympathize with them--they are just as susceptible as I am to Jake withdrawal. Perhaps they are hoping that such an unrelenting assault on that wall of official silence will finally prompt someone inside to make a statement. It wouldn't surprise me if they believed that, considering the delusional nature of some of their professed "news."

Jake at the TIFF screening of Moonlight Mile. What's with the cuffs?I don't need a crystal ball to confidently predict that in the next handful of days, we will suddenly have sightings and possibly photos of Jake at home in Los Angeles. With Rendition's TIFF Gala screening scheduled for September 7, Jake will be in Toronto a mere nine or ten days from now. We know how he loves to gad about the country; a rapid succession of airport appearances is all but guaranteed as he returns home, runs errands, and packs off again for the Great White North. (I just realized in writing this that Jake attended the 2005 TIFF three glorious, envy-inducing nights in a row. Where the hell was I in 2005?) I will breathe a seemingly unwarranted and preposterously overwrought sigh of relief when everyone resumes discussion of Jake's manner of dress, selection of purchases, and hairstyle of the moment...the things that matter, in other words.

Jake at the Proof TIFF screening, with such a gorgeous smile I can forgive the suitI also find it gratifying that while the news outlets seem to be calling Rendition Reese Witherspoon's new movie, once again, as in the trailer, Jake has been granted top billing in the TIFF's online listing for the film. Alphabetical preference? Not exactly, as Alan Arkin came in third. Probably doesn't mean anything to anyone else, but I like it.

Velvety moviestar!Jake at the TIFF screening of his mom's film Bee SeasonThanks again to Xenia for a couple of things: first, I have implemented those shirts inspired by your comment in a new CafePress shopfront. There's nothing earth-shattering there, and certainly nothing that could be considered "art," so no markup has been applied to any item. Someone profits, but it ain't me. Second, I have really been enjoying my rediscovered Radiohead CDs! And I haven't done a lot of searching yet, but so far what I've heard of the White Stripes has me convinced that yes, I have heard them before, and of course liked what I heard. I guess I will have to start listening to the radio again, perhaps streaming while I write at night. So many things that I have missed in my self-imposed isolation!

Also, thanks to Prophecy Girl of Jake Watch for giving Zen Gyllenhaalism a mention on the blog. And thanks to everyone else who has visited, and especially commented, so far. I'd write anyway, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun without you.

All photos: IHJ.


sass said...

I have JakeWatch to thank for hours and hours of fun. I can't forget the Jake sock post last summer; I nearly rolled out of my seat I was laughing so hard.
I'm enjoying your blog, and I like the look of it too. I spent the last two day trying get my right side margin back; finally all is OK.
I'll return later to read and enjoy at my leisure.
I can't spell check in this small box format, so forgive mistakes please.

sass said...

Hi there again,
I'm such a nuisance. I forgot to thank you for your Gala TIFF schedule. I added Rendition to the movies I want to see list, with that cute red add button, but I'm afraid I must wait until October.
NYC is so close to Toronto; oh well.

Xenia said...

Seriously Cherita, my friend : I'm honoured...and moved...and flattered...and...

I'll come later for a more appropriate comment, now I have to work (shucks!) but I'm happy to start my day being proud of myself! :)


Cherita said...

I agree, Sass, Sock Watch is absolutely the quintessential Jake Watch material, and I'd love to see a new installment soon, if Jake cooperates. I wish you could make it to Toronto, but just know that you're in very good company with the thousands (millions?) of us who can't be there.

Good morning, Xenia! It's nice to be loved. :) I think your excitement is a bit disproportionate to my utter relevance in the universe, but I'm flattered none the less. Have a good work day!

Xenia said...

First things first:
I'm looking forward the Toronto Film Festival Gala because I'm dying to know the new Jake Gyllenhaal outfit : velvet? or silk maybe? or even light wool? stripes? dots? Inquiring minds need to know! ;)

And It sure means something that the first name of the list of cast members is Jake's. Because HE is the main character. It has to mean something...:)

Those shirts are amaaazing!
I can't believe you did that. oh boy, I have my own words printed upon a shirt, the only words of mine that I'll ever see printed upon whatsoever and you're telling me that I'm too excited? :D

I'm happy you're re-discovering Radiohead. I love that band. It's my favourite group ever.
There was a time when I was so obsessed I played Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail to the thief over and over for months on end. I couldn't help my self, Radiohead was the only music I could listen...
And as Bird Girl said Thom Yorke is a very sad man and his sweetness and sadness made me think of a young, sad and Donnie Darko-ish Jake...

The White Stripes rock! you're more of a rock fan that I am (Pearl Jam, right) so you have to try them.

Last but not least: PG has been a really sweetie to add an official mention of this site on JakeWatch. I loved that.:)

Long comment today he? But, what the hell there's my name on thst post!

Xenia said...

I apologize for all the grammar mistakes I made and for those I'll make until I'll die ...but I'm in an awful rush (I'm still at work and Aguirre is controlling me >:(), plus I'm not exactly a fluent English speaker...;)

BirdGirl said...

So I busted out my Radihead albums last night. Nothing feel better then driving down the road and sreaming "Creep" at the top of your lungs. "Ruuunnnnn!!!

Prophecy Girl said...

I was happy to give you a plug! I've been meaning to, but apparently I needed a good genealogical post in order to make work. And I promise that the next time Jake is nice enough to show off his socks, Jake Watch will be on the job. Like, seriously, what is with him either a) never being around, b) only wearing long pants, or c) wearing flip-flops. I swear he torments us on purpose.

Cherita said...

Xenia, I'll be delighted by whatever Jake wears on the red carpet, because somehow Jake makes it all look wonderful. I've been thinking today about Jake's top billing for Rendition, and decided it's because his character represents us in the audience, our perspective as observers. Then tonight I saw the production notes pointed out at WDW, which confirms this. So, Jake is first for a reason!

Thom Yorke is a very sad man and his sweetness and sadness made me think of a young, sad and Donnie Darko-ish Jake...

Hmm, I can see that, I think. BirdGirl, I had precisely that experience today. :D I'm so glad you both encouraged me to dig these discs out. Xenia, I can't believe you actually remember that I mentioned Pearl Jam before. I'm just not that interesting that people should retain such trivia. I do indeed plan to give the White Stripes further listening, when time permits--it's been a crazy week so far.

PG, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for some fresh Jake pics soon, and he damn well owes you one (more than one, I think) so he'd better be showing off some socks. What's the status on the MySpace issue? I'm not kidding about putting up a hundred identical profiles, you know. Just say the word. :D

BirdGirl said...

You must check out the White Stripes asap. I love them!!!! I got to see them live once. My fav album is White Blood Cells. The Union Forever is a great song.

Cherita said...

Duly noted, BirdGirl! Once I have listened more extensively, I'll let you all know. That reminds me, I never did tell you what I thought of Anthony Swofford's Exit A. Gotta remember to do that soon.

Xenia said...

"Xenia, I can't believe you actually remember that I mentioned Pearl Jam before. I'm just not that interesting that people should retain such trivia."

I have no idea if you are ABSOLUTELY interesting (in Italian I'd say : IN ASSOLUTO), but I'm interested in what you say plus I've a terrific long term memory!
I can't help myself, I remember everything, trivia or not trivia...;)

Loved the Rendition production notes!:)

BirdGirl said...

As soon as I get home from work I am going to buy one of those t-shirts. I just can't decide which one I want. I love all of them.

Cherita said...

I'm that way too when it comes to trivia, Xenia. Especially about movies, for some reason.

BirdGirl, glad you like them! If you have any suggestions for something you'd like to see there, let me know. Unfortunately we can't use anything with Jake's image, even if it's original artwork, because he is a celebrity and that would be a property infringement (as his identity is, obviously, his property). I know it's a big bummer, but we just have to deal with it.

Prophecy Girl said...

Cherita (sorry for my much-delayed response), you will never believe this, but MySpace just asked me to send in a picture of myself with the Jake in '08 account ID. WHAT?! 1. I am not Jake! So what will that prove?! And 2. How the HELL am I supposed to get the account ID if I can't log in?!

So I just sent them a picture of me with the url, and with the account ID's of all the other profiles I have on MySpace. If I don't get a real answer the next time they write, I'm all for your method. ;D

Cherita said...

MySpace just asked me to send in a picture of myself with the Jake in '08 account ID. WHAT?! 1. I am not Jake! So what will that prove?! And 2. How the HELL am I supposed to get the account ID if I can't log in?!

*bewildered silence*

I suppose I should be thrilled that they're still communicating at all at this point, but, um, yeah. That request is positively insane. On many levels. Please do let me know if they respond again, or if not, when you're ready, we'll go forth with our Jake-over of their community.