Ode, Dear

Moviestar!Jake at Zodiac's Cannes photocallLoot at you, mister Too Good to be True!
With each passing day grows the illusion that I know you.
What you are to me, the eye cannot see,
though you shall never hear me complain of the view.

Thus is my feeling for you misunderstood.

My movie star, to me you are
before all else, a man, and human, and imperfect and good.
You are no hero, nor would I wish you so.
Never would I demand more of you than I do of myself.

Worship and reverence are not part of who I am.

Your paradox is this, that you are
unreachable, and different, and too lovely
and pedestrian, and sensible, and silly.

And so what is wrong with writing odes to a man
who is not greater than the rest, but in the ways that matter to me?
Should I not adore you because you are human?

For I can think of no better reason to love a man.

Photo: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

What can I say Cherita.. ditto. You pretty much summed it up for me. I found the perfect "Jake" song. Strange and Beautiful(I'll Put a Spell on You) by Aqualung. Everyone must check it out!!!!

Xenia said...

A more traditional strophic structure, a hint of rhyme...you're becoming...'classical'! :)

No, you're right, no better reason to love a man than the fact that he is human and...God...no better man to love...

I second every line, except, maybe, for worship and reverence: I think I couldn't help myself from being reverent and compliant in front of such Beauty...Nothing to go proud of, but this is it.:(

Cherita said...

Thanks, BirdGirl! I found your recommendation here (registration required). What a sweet, sad song that is, and truly any one of us could have written it.

Xenia, there is no shame in admitting such a weakness. If I were in his presence, I have no idea how I'd behave, except I'm relatively sure it would involve lots of blushing and giggling. But from the safety of the other side of a computer or tv or movie screen, I'm free to just appreciate him for what he is: wonderful.

And I doubt I'll ever write anything that might be considered classical. As usual, once it's been completed and I've had a chance to sleep on it, I'm less pleased with the finished product than I was originally, but, eh, it's there to express something I was feeling at the time.

Maybe we'll have some real news for me to write about today! Wouldn't that be nice?

Xenia said...

God...I've just heard that song and I don't know...blame it on the Jake-starvation we're living into these days...I bursted into tears and I'm still at work geez...:(

Beautiful song indeed BTW and great video too (I saw it on You-tube), another sad man eh? I'm all into sad men...:)

Cherita said...

Xenia, I'm the same way. I used to have a mental list of characters that I thought of as my "little boys lost." The number one thing they had in common were their broken hearts. Now that I'm back listening to Radiohead, I realize how sad Thom Yorke really must be. What's beautiful is that he takes that and makes from it music that actually feels good. The way he deals with the things he sings makes it all sound matter-of-fact, like we're all part of a little group that know how shitty life really is, and isn't it great that we can relate about it? Weird, but true.

BirdGirl said...

I'm sorry Xenia. I didn't mean to make you cry sweetie. I am starting to get pretty emotional too. I'm glad you guys liked the song. By the way, I got the "It's Not Me" t-shirt in yellow and the button. I'll let you know when they arrive. I can't wait.

Xenia said...

Don't worry BirdGirl...I really liked that song, I wanna hear more from Aqualung...

And sadness is one of the main 'element'of my own personality so...yeah when I hear Thom Yorke's voice it's like listen to a soul-mate...I suppose that's why I wanted to hear Jake's voice in his voice. ;)

And Cherita, I don't know what Radiohead's CD you're listening to but, if you let me, I suggest you to hear songs as "How to disappear completely" (from Kid A) or "Like spinning plates" (from Amnesiac)to experience the most perfect form of sadness you'll ever happen to live...(at least to me).

And last : do you remember that Radiohead is one of the Jake's favourite band, right?
Well that's a little fangirly of me but I've been happy when I heard it!