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Jake Gyllenhaal, shoving some taco-looking thing into his mouthThis afternoon I spent twenty precious minutes of my one-hour lunch washing the bugs off of every leaf of a head of iceberg lettuce. It was nasty, but the worst part is that I'd already made (and eaten) a salad from that lettuce before discovering the infestation. Oh well. As usual, my thoughts drifted to Jake. Would he take the time to wash iceberg lettuce? Would he even disgrace his palate with iceberg lettuce? Probably not. But then, Jake is not a vegetarian on a tight budget trying desperately to lose weight.
Jake Gyllenhaal, looking kinda pissed and sucking on a smoothieEvery time I cook, and the result is generally a monochromatic, unappetizing pile of soy-based sludge (yes, I add vegetables, but you can't tell by the time I'm done), the same idea rolls into my head: Jake would be horrified. And I know he would. If Jake Gyllenhaal, avowed foodie, cupcake- and blood sausage-eater extraordinaire (well, not together--that I know of, anyway), Mr. my Milanese is amazing, saw what this Italian-American woman has been feeding herself for the past seven months, he would weep for me. He's sensitive like that.
Jake on the set of The Good Girl, satisfying himself with a SnickersBut I don't believe Jake has ever been fat. This picture of him with the white towel is the heaviest I've ever seen him. I'd estimate he might be carrying at the most an extra ten pounds here. Okay, fifteen. Scandalous! An innately active, athletic person like Jake generally will never face the problem with weight that I've endured my entire life.

This is not the first time I've lost over fifty pounds. Hell, it isn't even the second. I am hoping it is the last.
Jake holding what I swear has to be a plate full of raw meatHowever, it should go without saying that were I ever to have the privilege of dining with (or--gasp!--being cooked for by) Jake, he could feed me pizza, filet mignon, or Sprinkles cupcakes, and I'd eat it all. You bet I would. A girl has to know her priorities.

All photos: IHJ and the IHJ Community.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Cherita,

By the way, cerita is Malay for news but both are pronounced the same way because long ago ch is spelled as ch, but somebody decreed it should be replaced by c

Also intrigued by the presence of a chinese character in your blog Header. Are you multi-lingual?

Actually dropped by just to say thanks for taking time to leave a comment in my post Problems with Poll which just came out of beta (Blogger in Draft).

Peter Chen (Blog*Star)
Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

Cherita said...

Thanks for stopping by, Peter! No, I'm not multi-lingual, but I do have interest in cultures other than my own (which is really more of a non-culture in my eyes) and researched Buddhism and zen a bit further when I chose to start the blog. I didn't know that "cerita" or "cherita" had any other meaning...to me, it's a character in Jake's movie Donnie Darko with whom I strongly identify. ;) Please keep up the good work over at Blogger Tips and Tricks! I like the way you present your information, without too much jargon. That's exactly how it should be done.

ncwoman said...

Blech! Bugs on your lettuce?! As you said, oh well, extra protein right?

Just wanted to stop by and give you a little boost of encouragement on your weight loss goals. Keep going hon!

Nah, I agree with you, I don't think Jake would stoop to eating iceburg lettuce like the rest of us humans.