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Jake Gyllenhaal clowns around with pal Austin Nichols on the Day After Tomorrow setIt's always wonderful to be reminded that Jake is on the minds of entertainment types other than the gossip mongers and paparazzi scum. This morning I found a blip by Liz Smith of the Baltimore Sun in which she speaks of a rumored movie-version of the musical-version of Sunset Boulevard:

I spoke with a top movie producer the other day, and he dismissed the latest round of interest in the movie. "Oh, please. Forget the musical....

"I say update the Billy Wilder original. Make Norma a washed-up star from the disco era. Cast Halle Berry and Jake Gyllenhaal."
Thanks, unknown top movie producer. Your random selection of Jake for the role once played by the iconic William Holden brightened my morning. Many of us Gyllenhaalics like to toss around ideas for future parts, especially remakes as they provide known characters from which to select. While I must sadly confess it has been many years since I saw the film, Joe Gillis does seem like an absolutely perfect fit for our man. But unlike the greedy and visionless studio types, I don't believe every movie needs to be remade. Modern remakes have gotten completely out of hand, to the point that Hollywood is revisiting films made in the mid-80s. Fortunately, Jake has so far demonstrated superior judgment in most of his choices, and I'm never really worried that he'll participate in something of such poor quality as to damage his impressive reputation.

Jake at the TIFF showing of ProofThen there was the suggestion by the writers at IGN that the newly released BioShock game might make a great movie starring Jake. Okay, they mentioned several potential leads, including Jake's Brokeback Mountain costar Heath Ledger. But the fact that Jake popped up on their list along with Mr. Forbes' Ultimate Star Payback himself, Matt Damon is definitely not a bad sign. Their comment: "Is Gyllenhaal ready to carry a big budget flick like BioShock? We think so." I guess this impressed me most because IGN is, well, a network for gamers, and my impression is that, like their audience, its contributors are largely male. This is a vote of hetero confidence that confirms my belief in Jake's universal appeal. No, I would not be particularly thrilled at the prospect of Jake's appearance in a video game movie, but again, I trust his judgment; he'd do it only if it was worth his time.

While neither of these remarks holds any real implications for Jake, and we remain in a lazy summer limbo wondering what his next project will be, at least I am reassured that he has not been forgotten by all but the tabloids (and of course, we, the Gyllenhaalics).

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Xenia said...

Oh we 'Gyllenhaalics', at least 'our' type of Gyllenhaalic, could talk about Jake for days on end and that wouldn't be enough...

Actually the only Jake related subject I'm worried about (I don't give a shit about who Jake's rumored of being with since she/he IS NOT ME :/)is what will be his next professional project, cinematographic or theatrical I don't care as lomg as there will be one.

Although I appreciate that he has no hurry in choosing a part whatever it is (I like him picky, I'd be that picky if I was that talented...and rich ;))I'm getting a little concerned about not seeing him for a long, too long, time...
Yes I want him to be happy, even opening an Italian restaurant with a friend will be great (hai bisogno di lezioni di italiano, Jake?)but mostly I want him to be 'visible' to me, in the only way he could be, on a screen.

Oh and I'd love to see him reincarnating an old movie star, I'd like to see him grow old in his profession like Marcello Mastroianni did, with 'charme' and humour...

Cherita said...

As usual, I second everything you just said. While I want Jake to be happy and do what he wants, I have a selfish desire for him to continue making movies so that I can enjoy them (and him). And the good news of the Toronto International Film Festival is that we will, more likely than not, be treated to some fresh Jake that is neither paparazzi-produced nor rumor-borne. You'll notice I did not post those latest Martha's Vineyard pics, and for a very good reason: the man is on vacation, and it saddens me that he was stalked there. Did it ruin his day? Probably not, but he didn't look happy about it.

Sorry, I had to vent. It will be nice to see actual Jake activity in a few weeks instead of all the inane dating gossip!

(I don't give a shit about who Jake's rumored of being with since she/he IS NOT ME :/)

I should make and sell t-shirts with this on them. In big, bold type. I couldn't agree more. Thanks, Xenia!