Ruminating and anticipating

Jake with director Gavin Hood in MoroccoAdditional photos of Jake on the Rendition set in March have appeared on IHJ. That hair is killing me. Reminder to self: put spare underwear in purse for this movie.

There is no doubt I'll be physically attracted to Douglas Freeman (I already am), but will I like him? He promises to be a departure for Jake: conservative, ambitious, buttoned-down, perhaps even suave. How different will he be from the likes of Donnie Darko or Tony Swofford? One of the many reasons I'm a Gyllenhaalic is Jake's ability to imbue every character with a tremendous dose of humanity. No matter what questionable situation the character may find himself in, I'm moved because I actually care about a person Jake has made real.

Jake Gyllenhaal, hotter than the Moroccan climateWith someone as visually striking as Jake is, it might be reasonable to think audiences would have a tough time embracing his Robert Graysmith or Harold Dobbs; what socially backward obsessive cartoonist or lovesick mediocre mathematician has ever looked like that? But Jake pulls it off expertly every time. He's so believable that he is that character as I watch.

So, will Doug Freeman, CIA operative, win my heart? I know he will.

Maybe I've lost all objectivity. I watched October Sky followed by Zodiac yesterday, and while there was arguably more subtlety and nuance required for the part of Robert Graysmith, 18-year-old Jake's Homer Hickam is more than credible sharing the screen with Chris Cooper as John Hickam. Some things you can learn with experience; some things are just about talent. I'm inclined to believe that Jake's incredible work is the result of both, but especially talent.

Photos: IHJ.


Xenia said...

I agree Cherita. I think that Jake's Doug Freeman will be tramendously attractive (because ther are no preventions for a CIA agent from being handsome) and HUMAN.

His odd innocence, that badass body and those beautiful blue eyes reflecting all the doubts and the powerlessness of a system waiting to collapse once and for all...his fears almost reflecting the prisoner's ones...those fine hands on his face as if he's saying to himself: "What are we doing? We've made assasins of ourselves instead of bringing peace, justice and democracy"

How many actors do we know able to communicate his inner torment by just one look?

OK. That was a good speech...;)
Jake, seriously, let me work for you. I promise you'll take all the parts you desire ad leave all those losers behind :)

Cherita said...

Hey, that was a good speech! He should hire you, because that description would definitely make me want to see the performance (if I weren't already salivating for it). Plus then you could hire me as your own assistant, and we could both travel the world with Jake on all his publicity tours.

Or maybe I'll just finish school and become his personal technical consultant, as planned. ;)