Jake Gyllenhaal poses for the UK's Guardian magazine

O glorious, guileless muse!
How you taunt and betray me, at once provoking action and holding firm my wrist that ink touch not paper.
From 'neath the jumbled piles of thought in my head speaks your voice,
More! Give me more!
If only that sentiment were truly yours and not my own wistful murmur.
Tis not your humility that I lament, but your indifference.
For the caress of your eyes upon my written words
would be as the touch of your hand upon my flesh.
Instead I am condemned to forever dream of both and achieve neither.

(previously posted to the JW forums)

I'll be adding things here from time to time, like this one, that I originally shared on the forums at Jake Watch, mostly because I'd like to have them all here. This is the first.

Photo: IHJ.

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