Interlude: American lies

When I wrote about Rendition being labeled as liberal propaganda, I didn't realize the mud was already flying over at the IMDb message board for the movie. Since Jake has gone back under the radar after his teasing appearance almost two weeks ago with the Avon lady, I am left to entertain myself by other means. Unfortunately, the discussion was not what I'd expected. The thread can be summed up as follows:

Your mother!

For those who decide to visit it anyway, don't say I didn't warn you. Ten points to anyone who can correctly identify my comment. No, I have no idea why I expected any better from an entertainment message board. I won't be returning.

Extraordinary rendition, the subject of the movie, is beyond the petty bickering of people who want to use it as a bullet point in the argument for their side.

Every American should read this article from 2005 and this ACLU description of the process. Know what your government, my government, is up to. Does torture work, is it necessary? Why has our president lied to the world, denying that U.S.-sanctioned torture takes place? This is not some Machiavellian drama; real, living human beings are involved.

Jake Gyllenhaal, good looking revolutionary, poses for the ACLU

Photo: IHJ.

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