There is no 'spoon

Inevitably, when a Gyllenhaalic uses Yahoo's news search to look for potential material for her nascent blog, the results page bouncily recommends that she also try the following search: Jake Gyllenhaal Reese Witherspoon (except today--it seems the Jessica Simpson fans have been doing more searches lately). This is the number one reason why I prefer to use Google's news search. But I digress.

Jake and friend Chris at the starting lineLately, the "news" has been pretty thin. Nowhere did they mention the most spectacular Gyllenhappening of the past week, for example. Thankfully sources like Wet Dark and Wild and Jake Watch are on the job. And thanks, Jake, for giving me this lovely reminder that I do not have to work at our annual 5K this year, since budget cuts mean there will be no 5K.

No, the only "news" I got the other day was the post by an entertainment blogger who thinks Jake is among seven stars in danger of falling off the "A-List." Someone please let this gentleman know that Jake hasn't quite made the so-called "A-List" yet, and he's got plenty of very satisfied fans who would love nothing more than to see him keep choosing roles based on what they say to him, and what he can do with them, rather than their potential for box office. There are enough of those fools already. Jake makes movies I actually enjoy (well, there was Highway...). If he took the advice of people like this guy, he'd be doing a series of soulless blockbusters until eventually he became just another greedy actor.

Next, this.

Jake, I want to have your babies.
Yes, I included it in my last post. But I'm not done enjoying it yet. And apparently I'm not the only one whose eye was caught by this, amongst the dozens of other new pictures posted alongside it over at IHJ. It was taken at the New York City premiere of Jarhead. I cannot overstate how grateful I am to Ally and Stephanie at IHJ for keeping the Jake pics coming. Without them and their secret, powerful media connections, desperate addicts like myself would not be treated to pictures from events two years in the past just at the moment when a Jake-drought is threatening to desiccate my joie de vivre and permit reality to spoil my days.

Finally, for now, I want to take a moment to say hello to my reader in Seoul, Korea. You have no idea what your faithful viewing of my blog means to me. My friends are here because they know me from other places. They felt compelled, in other words. (Now they're going to bash me for saying that.) You, on the other hand, are a complete stranger, and yet you appear to be reading my posts just about every day. It occurred to me that you might just be some kind of hiccup in a poorly-configured network, but I'm trying to be less cynical these days, so I am embracing you as a human viewer. Thank you for providing an audience.

Photos: IHJ.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Cherita! I've only just discovered your site and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I love the way your mind works here - I feel it too :D Thanks for linking to me, it's a pleasure to reciprocate *)

Cherita said...

Wow, thanks, WDW! I'd be honored to have you link to me. You do an incredible job with something new nearly every day, always of substance. Even when Jake is gleefully MIA, you keep me bathed in the blissful pool of his charm and wit. :D

ncwoman said...


There are so many points I want to make about this particular post that I'm afraid the only point I'll make at the present time is that I'll make my points at a later time, when I'm at home, rested, rejuvenated and refreshed, and not sitting at some computer at the office looking over my shoulder lest I get caught cruising the Internet while I'm supposed to be working.

To be continued....(are you sweating yet? *Evil laugh*)

Cherita said...


I knew I'd be in trouble for that remark. You're taunting me, letting the foreboding of your impending wrath draw out for maximum effect. When you're ready, I'll be here in my virtual Gore-Tex and Kevlar flame-retardant bodysuit. Be gentle.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Cherita, thank you for those very kind words *) As you know, never enough Jake. Keep up the good work!

ncwoman said...

Hahahaha!! Thought I’d forgotten about this post, didn’t ya? Well, better late than never, my friend.

Regarding what that entertainment blogger said about Jake falling off of the A-list? Please. I personally believe that Jake is more level-headed, i.e. not the typical, shallow empty-headed celebrity who’s content with “big box office” and doesn’t care about compromising his art or his principles. He’s made of better stuff. And so, in my opinion, are his fans, who are as discriminating as he is, and can appreciate the roles he does and the films he makes. A-list….pfffft. Who cares? Not Jake, and certainly not his fans.

And that pic…holy Mother of God! Can his eyes be any bluer or dreamier?? And you are correct, we owe Ally and Stephanie over at IHJ a huge debt of gratitude for their hard work and dedication in keeping us Gyllenhaalics well fed!

My friends are here because they know me from other places. They felt compelled, in other words. (Now they're going to bash me for saying that.)
Well you started it….I certainly can’t speak for others, but for myself, I’m here for several reasons…yes, you are my friend, and I am blessed for it. But what keeps me coming back is your insight, intelligence, wit and skill at writing. That, and the subject, of course. So there. ;p

ncwoman said...

Oh, and that small dig at Highway? Well, let's just say we agree to disagree...you didn't enjoy Highway, I loved it. I hated Lovely & Amazing, you loved it...vive le difference, eh my friend?

Gentle enough for ya? ;)

Cherita said...

Hahahaha!! Thought I’d forgotten about this post, didn’t ya?

Truth is, I had forgotten about it. Thanks for making me come back so I could get another look at that picture. And I do appreciate every single person who comes here to read, no matter the reason; apart from that, I appreciate you, my friend. :) I'm bringing L&A and Highway with me in October. We'll bring each other around.