Another workout revelation

Freakin' gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal
How do they get these photos? IHJ has just posted a new set of shots which appear to be from The Guardian Weekend article promoting Zodiac's UK release. Okay, so they aren't new new, but damn, there are a lot more than we've already seen.

This is, I believe, the look of Douglas Freeman, whom we will meet in Rendition. As if I weren't already excited enough about that upcoming release. I also suspect someone else has dressed him for this shoot, as I didn't realize it before, but Jake is missing the trademark white undershirt.

On a related (not really, but it is if I say it is) note, Jake's Rendition co-star, Reese Witherspoon, was just announced yesterday to be Avon's first ever Global Ambassador.Is this the face of Doug Freeman, Jake? Chalk up another learning experience for me--I had no idea of the existence of the Avon Foundation, but apparently I'm the only one. All I know is, there I was at the gym, once again looking up momentarily from my book during a rest between sets, and I saw Reese in some kind of press conference, followed by a blurb about a first look at her new movie Rendition tomorrow night. Which would now be tonight. For those who are desperate enough to sit through one of these so-called entertainment shows to possibly get a peek at some clips, it was either Entertainment Tonight or Insider (because sometimes they talk on ET about stuff they want you to watch on Insider, and I couldn't hear a word that was said, and I was too excited to read the captioning).Jake manages to look sexy and bored I tried to verify this info for you, but according to TV Guide, neither show has anything about Reese, Rendition, or Jake. So don't blame me if you sit down with a bowl of popcorn and end up watching 30 minutes of crap. We're all taking a chance here. But I think it's worth it.

All photos: IHJ.

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