NBC will be airing Saturday Night Live's Best of 2006/7 episode again tonight. One can never get too much dreamgirl!Jake.

Everyone has raved about this demonstration of Jake's singing abilities, not to mention those arms. Well, call me picky (because I am), but I won't be impressed until I hear him sing in his natural, gut-felt voice rather than a falsetto or a drunken cowboy bellow. He insists he can sing, and so far the closest we've gotten to what Jake really sounds like is the adorable bit from Bubble Boy when Jimmy sings the Land of the Lost theme song.

Unfortunately his voice is mostly drowned out by Dweezil Zappa's guitar track. Not that I have any problem with Dweezil or his guitar; I've always been rather fond of him in a casual way. But I'm dying to hear Jake's true singing voice, and this was almost the jackpot.

Young Jake knows exactly how sexy this looksOne night last week at the gym, my iPod cycled around to Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe," and while Adam Levine does not appeal to me, something in his voice drips with sex. It always has, but that night it led me on an interesting mental journey spurred by the thought that perhaps Jake, having grown up in the same time and place as Levine, might have a similar style of performing. I'm not talking about stage performance because I've never seen one by Maroon 5, nor do I watch MTV these days. All I was imagining was a singing voice. And it wasn't Levine's voice; it was Jake's. And it was a potent fantasy.

Obviously my continued appreciation of Jake does not depend on hearing him sing. There was a time when I thought his speaking voice was too high--it didn't go with that body, that face. Since then I have grown to love it, his sweet, gentle, boyish voice. It soothes me, so much that many nights I play Jarhead on my DVR so that I may fall asleep to his voiceover. I'd love to hear him really sing, but even if I never do, his voice is music to me.

Photo: IHJ.


Xenia said...

Oh I wondered about Jake's singing voice a lot...and about what kind of performer he could be...

And, since I don't like Adam Levine very much (sorry Cherita), I'd rather think about Jake's voice more like Thom Yorke's which I love immensely.
Well, you can't say that Thom's voice is sexual but its 'terrible' sweetness is way more devastating to me.

Otherwise, to match Jake's rocker side (I loved the Jimmy/Jake performance of "Land of the lost"!), I dare to suggest a Jack White's voice resemblance. Now that should be 'sexual'!! :)

Cherita said...

I don't like Adam Levine very much (sorry Cherita)

Why are you sorry? I just said I didn't like him, either. Just that his voice has sex. That doesn't mean I like it. It's rather whiny to my ears. :x

Now, Thom Yorke's voice is also somewhat whiny, depending on the song, but it's never bothered me. (I can listen to entire Radiohead CDs, but don't own more than the one song by Maroon 5, if that tells you anything.) However, I cannot picture Yorke's voice coming out of Jake's mouth, either.

I dare to suggest a Jack White's voice resemblance

Here's how old and out of touch I am: I had to look that name up. :p I can't remember if I've ever heard a thing by the White Stripes, though I've certainly heard of them. I guess I have my research cut out for me now!

BirdGirl said...

I looovvveee the White Stripes but I will admit Jack Whites voice is very whiny. Sometimes the greatness of the music overtakes the voice. How could I not have known about your blog Cherita??

Xenia said...

"Why are you sorry?"
I'm sorry because I'm not able to totally agree with your Jake visions...yes, I'm gregarious like that...;)

Do you find Thom Yorke WHINY?

You have absolutely to hear something by the White Stripes! You'll love them!:)

Cherita said...

Hi, BirdGirl! Nice to see you here! So you're telling me that Xenia has just suggested that Jake sounds like yet another whiner? ;) Now I really have to listen to some White Stripes to get to the bottom of all this.

Xenia, I didn't see where you and I disagreed about Jake, but yes, I do think Thom occasionally sounds a bit whiny. It's pretty subtle, though, so like I said, it's never bothered me, and he does have a terrific voice. I used to have Pablo Honey on repeat for days at a time. I haven't listened to any Radiohead in a while...time to go dig out those CDs and put everything on the computer, like I've been meaning to do for a couple of years now. I'm such a procrastinator!

Ged said...

Well this is probably a bit late in the game, but having taken a break from most of fandom for the last few weeks (seems like an eternity) I find you have started your own site.

It's great, love the design and the content (OK, I've only read a bit so far, but I like it!)

Great job, keep up the good work.

Cherita said...

Thanks, Ged! I'm glad to have you here. I welcome everyone to experience the zen of Jake as I do, in addition to whatever other sources they choose to seek their daily dose. The more Jake love on the web, the merrier!

BirdGirl said...

You def need to bust out the Radiohead cd's. My fav album was The Bends. Thom Yorke isn't a whiner, he's just a very sad man.He sounds like he is anyway. As far as Jake's voice, I don't find him whiny. I think he has a beautiful voice. He could sing to me anytime.

Cherita said...

I am ripping the remaining 2 Radiohead CDs as I type this. :D Apparently I did rip The Bends over a year ago, but never Pablo Honey or OK Computer. Thanks to Xenia and you (and Jake, via Misty, via WDW and JW), I just drove back and forth from my appointment while singing along exuberantly to The Bends. I don't think Thom is a "whiner," just that there is sometimes a whine in his voice. And no, based on the few instances I've heard Jake (campy "Land of the Lost," western and drunk "Water Walking Jesus," falsetto "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," and falsetto "Night Fever"), there is definitely no whine in his singing voice. Just a lot of clever obfuscation. Hmmm...that gave me a great idea.