Green, with envy

Tall, tan, lean, luscious Jake in a trademark white t-shirt on TuesdayThis morning I've found the blog of a journalist at Toronto's National Post who has tipped readers that she will be interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal on Friday. You all may want to take her up on her offer....

if you have any pressing questions for Jake Gyllenhaal, feel free to post them in the comments section below
I'll be coming up with my best efforts on the drive to work. If anyone leaves Vanessa a comment/question about Jake, please post it here, too, so we can all go back later and see whose questions she used, and which ones Jake actually answers. Won't that be fun?

I'll be back soon. Work calls. Bleh.


As I drove, I tried to refine the list of questions that are ever-present in my head, narrowing it to those I think a spunky journalist might really ask him given the chance. I reviewed some questions that I had jotted in my green velvet journal back when my obsession was new, and discovered that most of those rather basic issues had been answered (dogs vs. cats; Mac vs. Windows/PC; etc.--these are essential details that reveal quite a bit about anyone, seriously). Ultimately I only sent Vanessa one of the longtime questions in my list. It's the one about cilantro. I hate cilantro. Here's what I've sent, so far.

Wow...not sure you know what you've opened yourself up to here. ;) I think you'll take care of the basic Rendition questions (What's his opinion on the policy of extraordinary rendition, and has making this movie affected his views on it) so I'm going to suggest questions that we Gyllenhaalics would love to have answered. Number one on that list is:

What is his next project? And when will it begin?


Has he accepted a part in the (now-Broadway) play Farragut North?

Does he ever read anything about himself on the internet?

Did he know that there is a small campaign by Gyllenhaalics to have him elected President in 2008, despite his ineligibility on the grounds of age?

What would he do first if he were elected?

What does he think Robert Downey, Jr. meant when he described Jake as "wet, dark and wild?"

(These are from the Barbara Walters in me, I guess)

What does he believe is his worst vice?

He's a chef. What does he think about cilantro? (there are quite a few people out here to whom it tastes like soap, including me)

Describe his most recent dream.

Jake is accosted by an activist outside the market. Bring your own bags next time, Jake!(And, on the green side)

Why doesn't he bring his own reusable bags when grocery shopping instead of accepting paper or plastic?

What happened to the (two) Camry hybrid(s) he told the GQ interviewer he was going to buy? We never see him in it.

I’ve pointed other Gyllenhaalics here, by the way. Hope you don’t get overwhelmed.

Don't worry, I see someone else has already suggested she ask him about Boo. I personally don't want to push him on that--if I had to give up a companion animal, which might be what happened, I would rather not be reminded of it. Many years ago my family was forced to find new homes for two cats, and I have never stopped thinking about them.

Anyway, I do hope you all will take advantage of this woman's (probably already regretted) generous suggestion. Even if she doesn't ask him any of our specific questions, hopefully she will at least read them, and thus go into the interview knowing enough about Jake to make her a worthy questioner.

Photos: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

I can't clear my head long enough to think of a good question. I've gone all loopy with the return of Jake. It's like I'm falling in love all over again. All of your questions are great! I totally agree with your comment about the Boo question. It really is none of our business. And it might be a sore subject.

Guys I really don't know how I am going to make it through the day. After going over to JW and reading all of the posts I am restless. Thank God I am of tomorrow. I think I need some serious "me" (and Jake) time. Not to be a perv or anything.

Cherita said...

I know just how you feel, BirdGirl. That's why I went back to my journal just in case I was missing anything. I haven't come down since yesterday. Unfortunately I do have to work tomorrow, and I'll be completely frazzled here, waiting for some news out of Toronto. Never feel embarrassed about needing Jake time--we all do, don't we?

BirdGirl said...

Oh my God! I got my stuff from Cafe Press. I love it!!!! I have my shirt on right now. I must confess I only wear them to bed. I don't want people to know too much about me. :) I also will be adding my little button to my collection. I pin them on my sun visors in my car. You can do that when you have an old shitty car. I'm gonna put it right next to my "I'm Stalking Jake" button. I am such a dork. I am just so pumped up about tomorrow I don't think that I will be able to sleep tonight. I think that I am going to take in Brokeback Mountain to try and get myself ready.

Buy the way. Do you think that Jake paid attention to your comments about Chris’ legs looking better then his. From the looks of things he really has been working on his. Take my breath away!

Xenia said...
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Xenia said...

Sorry Cherita: the eliminated comment was mine, too many grammar errors and typos...:(

OK. Let's try again :

I'm late with the questions to the journalist/blogger I'm afraid but you are dealing well with it...YOU should interview him, it could be funny even if very risky for Jake...;)

I'm so excited with all this Jake induced massive confusion...PG is in Toronto, Katie (WDW) is in Toronto (and she already got to take a glimpse of him outside his hotel...), and I'm so disoriented I'd need a nap right now...;)

And I will be Jake-less until monday because I've no PC at home...so I will be late in reading posts, writing comments... life's a bitch sometimes...*sigh* ;)

Just a question : what's wrong with cilantro exactly? It's something similar to parsley, isn't it? How could possibly Jake do any Italian cooking without parsley? :D

Give me a great report for when I'll be back!!

Cherita said...

LOL BirdGirl! I'm a dork, too. I dunno if I'd go to the extreme of watching BBM to bring myself down, especially since in my case it would probably only turn me hysterical (when I'm manic, I'm manic) but I did manage to get to sleep, once again with the assistance of Jake's Jarhead voiceover. ;)

If I thought Jake had read those comments about Chris, I might kill myself, considering some other things I said there. :x His legs always look yummy to me, unless Chris is there for comparison. I'm guessing it's just his usual stunning body that's impressed you. That, and the fact that it's been so long since we've seen him.

Xenia, it is my secret dream to interview Jake myself, though I doubt I could maintain the poise necessary to get past blushing and giggling in his mere presence. I shall be waiting impatiently to see if Vanessa asks any of our questions. If you want to know why I asked about cilantro, check this out. I'm not kidding about the soap thing, and I'm not alone. This could be an important public relations issue for Jake: would he forgo cilantro in cooking for a large group out of courtesy? ;) I mean, there are other weeds you can chuck into your pot. Really.

I'm pleased to have heard from Katie that she's already caught a glimpse of Jake, and hope that Vanessa has gotten the questions she left on Green as a Thistle. Meanwhile, I am as I type this listening to the stream from CBC Radio, which is being recorded to my hard disk, in case Prophecy Girl's impromptu street interview airs. I'll be going off to work before 9 am, but I'm sure someone will report well before I get home. Today promises to be very eventful, in a completely unimportant and Jake-centric way. Just how I like it. :D

Xenia said...

Check these out (probably you've already seen them but I NEEDED to say it to someone and who's better than you, Cherita?):


God forgive me...I would take him right there, in front of everybody...he's irresistible.
I'm overwhelmed... He is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. And I've been seeking for Beauty all my life.

Sorry for the babbling...I'm totally Jake-struck.

Cherita said...

Hehehe, I had just found those when I got your message, Xenia. Isn't he just breathtaking? I wish I knew what agency was doing all the snapping so I could find the photos more quickly, but I'm so grateful to Stephanie that she's on the job. I am absolutely dying over the arms in this sweatshirt, and I think whoever gave him the Air Canada pin must have been a fan. We've all said it before, but it bears repeating: he really is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I'm totally Jake-struck

You know what? I used exactly the same phrase last night when talking to Charlene! He has such a powerful effect, I think it should be added to the dictionary.

This is going to be a fabulous weekend!

Xenia said...

I think the same about the sweatshirt...a fan, a BBM fan maybe. Just guessing...

OT : How is Charlene?
When you hear from her, say hello and tell her I miss her! :)

BirdGirl said...

I hope you are getting some work done today. I know I wouldn't be getting anything done today if I where at work. And I don't even have a computer at work. I was right. I didn't get much sleep last night. I woke up at about 4:30 this morning. I knew this day would be very exciting. I about died when I saw the pictures of Jake in the airport. I have another theory on where he got his "Air Canada" pin. I think he was flirting with a flight attendant. :)

ncwoman said...

Hellooooo!!! *waves*

Hi Xenia, and thanks for saying you missed me! Cherita's familiar with what's been going on in my RL, and I won't take up valuable space on her blog to explain. Just been tied up for a while...

Back OT...man, there is nothing like an enforced "vacation" from the world of Jake to bring back total appreciation of the magnificent creature he is! Those pics at the Toronto airport...holy crap!

I'm missed y'all too!

Cherita said...

Space on my blog is not exactly at a premium, Charlene. Perhaps someday....

I'm glad you're back to visit, and you're absolutely right, having been kept away from Jake for so long would certainly make exposure all the more potent, and he's looking particularly touchable these days. Mmmmm.

Xenia said...

"Hi Xenia, and thanks for saying you missed me! Cherita's familiar with what's been going on in my RL, and I won't take up valuable space on her blog to explain. Just been tied up for a while..."

*runs and wrap ncwoman in a big tight hug*

Come back to us as soon as possible!:*