Desperation grows

Jake arriving at Cannes for ZodiacNot sure I can take much more of this waiting. True, I have every movie Jake's made since he was 17 on DVD to watch over and over again, not to mention all those interviews from February on the DVR. But damn, Jake, I'm missing you. Hearing that he and Reese had apparently canceled all one-on-one interviews at TIFF did not improve this situation, though I am willing to believe that it was done for good reason.

This, on the other hand, defies reason. It's one of the handful of inane hit results returned when I search these days for news of Jake's status. This is what a Jakeless summer has reduced us to. This, and Maggie in expensive S&M undies (looking sexy as hell, but not, alas, her brother), and unconfirmed stories regarding relationships of former costars (to which I refuse to link and whom are also not Jake).

Darling, please, come up for air soon, okay?

While I'm hoping to find out what the hell Jake's doing now, I find it interesting in a sociological kind of way to observe what sort of information others are seeking about him.

Jake listens to WDW's Katie and clan shouting his name at Cannes (thanks, Chloƫ!)Lycos's search results page offers:

Narrow Your Search
Jake Gyllenhaal Wallpaper
Biography and Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal Interviews
Fan Club for Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal Married
Jake Gyllenhaal Facts
How Tall Is Jake Gyllenhaal
The Actor Jake Gyllenhaal
Does Jake Gyllenhaal Have a Girlfriend
Is Jake Gyllenhaal Gay
and behind their "More »" link...
Jake looking intense at the Cannes Zodiac opening
Where Does Jake Gyllenhaal Live [stalker or newbie paparazzo? you decide]
Who Is Jake Gyllenhaal Dating [this matters why, exactly?]
Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal Related
Jake Gyllenhaal Body
Jake Gyllenhaal Filmography
Jake Gyllenhaal Backgrounds
Jake Gyllenhaal No Clothes [apparently the word "nude" escapes the typical Lycos searcher]
Is Jake Gyllenhaal Single
Jake Gyllenhaal Favorite Color [nice to know Jake still has 13-year-old fans, too]
Jake Gyllenhaal Desktop Wallpaper
Jake Gyllenhaal Wallpaper 2003
Jake Gyllenhaal Posters
How Much Does Jake Gyllenhaal Weigh [planning on carrying him away to your secret hideout, perhaps?]
Jake Gyllenhaal Buddy Icons
Jake Gyllenhaal Birthday
Kirsten Dunst Boyfriend
I really need to stay away from the web searches for a while. It's all very depressing.

All photos: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

"How Much Does Jake Gyllenhaal Weigh [planning on carrying him away to your secret hideout, perhaps?]"

Ha ha. You crack me up girl. I think that I am starting to lose it. You can only re-live "Jake Week" so many times before you start to go bonkers. I watched Proof and it just made it all the more painful (thus the drunken post from last night). He needs to throw us a line before we all go under. I just hope that PG has some success in Toronto so we can live vicariously through her for a while.

Cherita said...

Amen to that, sister. I have funneled all of my wish-hope energy in Prophecy Girl's direction for this event. I am grateful that one of us will be there; I personally will still be at the gym, beating the shit out of myself, at 6:30 on Friday, but you know I'll be looking for video of the red carpet as soon as I get home. Wouldn't it be nice if we could spot PG and Jake having a moment on camera? A nice, friendly, happy moment, that is.

BirdGirl said...

That would be great. I feel like it's time for the perfect encounter. He needs to be aware of the freaking awesome world that is Jake Watch. I of course think that he is, and checks on us quite regularly. I guess if he does do that he would be freaked out but that does go with the territory. We are his unique fan base.

Xenia said...

The more I read about the crap (but I usually don't read any of that because, as you say, it's depressing plus it isn't interesting AT ALL) that's going around and round about Jake these days on the internet the more I learn about why he's staying away from that shit (and from us...)

And although I'm dying to caress his cheek and kiss his lips saying : 'Please, don't go' I know he's right and that I'd do the same.

But believe me Cherita, if we lived closer I'd be often visiting you in tears babbling about Jake for hours like a silly teen-ager in love which I am no more or, worse, never was, either like an hypersensitive, obsessive and narcissistic ( and even bored maybe) adult which I am, unfortunately.
Lucky you I'm not that close. :)

But yes, in PG we trust. As always. :D

Cherita said...

My concern is that Jake may have been influenced about Jake Watch by one of his parents with their bizarre misinterpretation of JW's motives. So if he knows PG is that same chick from Jake Watch, will that lead him to behave dismissively? This is all speculation, but what else have I got to do these days? Hopefully Jake's checked JW out a time or two and knows the truth.

Xenia, you sound more like me every day. I never was a silly teenager in love (not a requited love, anyway) and am feeling just as ridiculous about my passion, so I doubt I'd even notice your craziness. We could hang out and obsess together. That's a scary thought, actually--how quickly reality would be subjugated by the reinforcement of each other's babble and sighs. ;)