Jake's back!

Jake in L.A. on Sept. 4
And I'm so fucking happy to see him that I don't even care about the watermarks. This is insane. I need (different) medication.

Okay, the truth is, I don't like getting photos from Just Jared, because it is essentially a celebrity gossip site, albeit a relatively restrained one when it comes to Jake. No offense to you, Jared; I just don't dig gossip, particularly about celebrities because most of them mean absolutely less than nothing to me.

Except Jake.

Do I wish to reward the behavior of the paparazzi that followed a man out of a private appointment, or the site that gives us a little more info about his location than was really necessary, by writing this post? Hell, no. All the same, right now I feel like giving Jared a big sloppy kiss for bringing Jake back to me.

Updated 9/6/07 10:59 AM:

Jake also went to dinner on Tuesday (clicking takes you to justjared.buzznet.com)
Damn. No wonder he stayed in the Vineyard for so long. Apparently, Jake was papped yet again on Tuesday evening, leaving dinner at a restaurant. More pics at Just Jared. One reason I feel icky visiting JJ is demonstrated by his comments on that post. He mentions the opening of Rendition, but he's got the old release date of October 12. It's not a felony to have outdated information, but it is symptomatic of the problem: gossip sites are not reliable sources of information. They are, however, pretty damn good sources of eye candy, and Jake looked even better on Tuesday night than he did that afternoon, if that's possible. His hair is perfect, his beard is perfect, his fingers...guh. Welcome home, baby!

Photos: Just Jared.


Xenia said...

And I will give that big sloppy kiss to you, the dearest of my dearest friends, divine Cherita...:)

Right when my mind were sliding down into very dark and empty spaces...oh joy...oh Jake, my love...:D


Cherita said...

Absolutely. But it's definitely been an inspirational insanity for me! The last time I worked this hard and learned this much in support of an obsession was...never. I did pick up a little science while The X-Files aired, but the reading and writing and learning I have done since Jake blew a circuit in my brain many months ago has got that beat. I've changed my eating habits, started exercising, grown more confident and generally felt ten years younger, thanks to Jake; what I see in myself is so thoroughly inspired by what I see in him.

Enough rambling. Do you think the white t-shirt was a nod to us? How about those shoes? I didn't see a Nike swoosh. And we might have material there for a JW Sock Watch! What do you think? :D

BirdGirl said...

Yes, that is what I was thinking. We were just talking about a new sock watch the other day. I woke up in kind of a shitty mood today too. I have now done a complete 180. Nothing can bring me down after the white t-shirt and bare legs. Not even my crazy boss. I will just "Relax. Breathe and think of Jake".

Cherita said...

I'm the same way, BirdGirl. I've just gone for yet another long look, and I feel giddier every time. He is positively glowing, fabulous, happy and carefree. Some people may find my reaction unhealthy, but feeling joy at the obvious wellbeing of others has to be an indicator of good mental health, hasn't it? ;)

Xenia said...

'Enough rambling. Do you think the white t-shirt was a nod to us? How about those shoes? I didn't see a Nike swoosh. And we might have material there for a JW Sock Watch! What do you think?'

I don't know what to think, but God is he gorgeous with his plain white tee, I'd just like to take it off of him, but...*grinning to herself*...it's just that I've never seen you so happy and bouncing off blogs in full energy...and it feels good...Jake's back and you're happy...makes me feel happy...:D

Cherita said...

Sweetheart, I'm going to be quite bouncy for the next several days at least, with all the TIFF activity coming up! I'm glad that Jake making me happy makes you happy. :D We're all happy now, thanks to him! Go have a look at that journalist's blog and give her a few good ideas. She already said she liked my cilantro question. ;)