Was it good for you?

(or G-Day, Sept. 7, 2007: The Day the Gyllenhaalics Attacked!)

Congratulations to Kate (WDW) at Wet Dark and Wild and Becky (Prophecy Girl) at Jake Watch on their interactions with the Gyllenhaal yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was obvious to me from the photos posted by both women that they had indeed met each other there. (PG confirmed this in her JW post.)

Kate's unblurry shot of Jake at TIFFPhoto by WDWand one of Becky's pics of JakePhoto by Prophecy Girl

Not surprisingly, every Gyllenhaalic has her or his own perspective on Jake and what he means to them. I could sit here and make a table distinguishing our various opinions and beliefs, as I have interpreted them, but my point is that while we all see something wonderful in Jake, no two of us have exactly the same image of the man in our minds. He is someone, something, that is to be experienced uniquely by everyone. I love that about him.

Jake signs autographs at TIFF Rendition premiereYes, the past 24 hours have been an orgy of Jakeness, but only in the most superficial way. It's not that I'm complaining about the photographs--who would? But any opportunity to hear from Jake, in his own words, is something I treasure, and so far the only interview available is this one from Entertainment Weekly. There were brief clips of Jake, intercut with Reese, discussing those rumors, but I am still waiting for something more of substance to come out of TIFF. I'm sure there is more on the way; I must be patient.

Meanwhile, these are my favorite random anecdotes and gags from the weekend's madness so far. First, the flight attendant boyfriend of Adrian, a moderator on the Dave Cullen forums, has become a major hero to the 'Lashers simply by telling them what in their hearts they already knew: Jake is a nice, charming young man. Chad said,
Jake, with Peter in the background, turns and gives us great eye sexhe is very handsome man and a lot more tall than I thought he was and he have great smile and he smile all the time. he does not act like other celebrity sometimes do. anyways, that is what I will tell you. he is very nice guy.
Yet another confirmation of Jake's renown goodness comes from a society writer at the Toronto National Post, who just happened to be in the kitchen of Sotto Sotto (Who the hell names their restaurant "below below"? Is it in a basement? Xenia, is there some other meaning here of which my terribly weak, musically-influenced grasp of Italian has not made me aware?) when the sunshine of my life walked in. In addition to his not-so-subtly appreciative description of Jake's appearance ("Deeply V-necked, pleasantly broad-shouldered, and with that paralyzing dopey smile..."), Shinan Govani tells us
Typically expressive Jake at the Rendition press conferenceJake, meanwhile, gave us a glimpse of his singularly sportybrainy-emo brand in Hollywood — the kind of chap who can competitive-bike-ride, do crosswords and get teary-eyed via Keats. The night was almost done, and he, polite to the end, thanked everyone and told Mama in particular that he dug her lasagna.
Damn straight he did. Probably with a fork the size of a shovel.

While those who were graced with his shining presence seem unanimous in declaring Jake a walking anachronism of good manners and intellect gentleman, the online shenanigans have continued, including yet another reference to Jake's crotch (Lesbians love Jake, too; why am I not surprised? Featuring such quotable reader comments as "flip you over, eat you like a pudding cup, ass smacking beast")...and this silly parody which I am not at all embarrassed to admit made me laugh.

There are some people who aren't attracted to Jake. These people are aliens.However, the single most moving thing I've read today was this dream described by jakethesnake at the DC Forum.
He's all playful, and being funny and silly, and I'm trying to hold it together. And then I notice that all the sudden the table is extremely intimate and cozy and Jake has scooted down in his chair and kinda nestled himself NEXT TO MY ARM!! We are touching!! The whole left side of my body is making contact with his whole right side....We remain like that for the entire program, snug as a bug in a rug. I keep stealing glances of his giant blue eyes (the room is dim and there are candles on the table and his eyes are glowing from the candles!) and he's still all giggly and warm and cozy. I can still feel his warmth on my body just thinking about it.

....I think it's kinda a metaphor for what he's really like...he's really warm and genuine and silly and playful.
This, to me, beats any sex dream by a million light years. Because it encapsulates exactly what it is that I, too, feel for Jake; this strange perception of a comfortable companion, someone with whom everything is all right, and safe, and fun. It's powerful stuff. I'm hoping I can have one just like it tonight.


Naturally, once I gave up looking for news and got busy downloading over 200 new images of Jake, Vanessa Farquharson updated her blog just for us. This woman is now an honorary Gyllenhaalic in my eyes. She asked, and Jake answered (!), no less than three of the questions I suggested on Thursday.
Me: Do you ever read anything about yourself on the Internet?
Jake: (Another pause) “Sometimes people send me funny things … I’ll leave it at that.”

Me: Do you know about the Jake in ‘08 presidential campaign? It was a MySpace page but it got taken down recently.
Jake: “Wow, no, I don’t.”

Me: I hear you’re really into food — how do you feel about cilantro? Some people love it but other people think it tastes like soap.
Jake: “Oh, I really don’t like cilantro! It’s like the only herb I don’t like.”
Me: It’s a very divisive herb.
Jake: “It is.”
As if I need more direct evidence that Jake really was put on this earth for me. Jake, we are meant to be together.

Unfortunately, she still hasn't replied to my inquiry about when her Rendition interview is going to be available. If anyone sees it somewhere, please, give me a shout.

Photos: Jake Watch, Wet Dark and Wild, IHJ, and one from I can't remember where. Don't sue me.


BirdGirl said...

Oh yes it def was good for me. So how does it feel to have you cilantro question answered by the man himself? I kind of wish I would have come up with a good (and original) question myself. I feel bad about the Boo question. I wouldn't have asked that because it made him sad. I don't think I even want to know what happened with that.

I cannot stop staring at the beautiful pictures PG took. I don't even know how she could be so calm and collected. Lets be honest I would have been one of those pathetic screaming and crying people. Like I told her earlier, that's why she rocks.

Cherita said...

How does it feel? I'm torn, honestly. I'm obviously delighted, feeling this (illusory) connection to him because of it. But I also wish that I'd been the one to ask it. Unfortunately, when you work for a news organization, they don't let you walk in and pick just the pieces you want to do. I'd love to interview interesting people for a living, but I have a terrible aversion to interviewing those about whom I have zero knowledge. It made me feel like the most ridiculous fraud when I would try to interview people for that arts section years ago, because I knew (and continue to know) nothing about art. But put me in front of someone whose work I've followed, and I know I could get a juicy and compelling story out of it.

I was even more surprised that Vanessa asked Jake about Boo than I was about my cilantro question. Perhaps others don't see it as sensitively as I do; I mean, obviously they don't, if they keep picking at it. But here's the thing, regarding his answer to her: we didn't see him when he said it. Yes, she described his demeanor and voice, but we know Jake far better, and he does have a certain penchant for playing with reporters when asked something he doesn't want to answer. I absolutely don't intend to suggest that he couldn't have truly been upset (after all, I'm the one who feared that would happen). But it sounded a bit melodramatic. Maybe that was just her shaping of it that I heard. Who knows?

I too am impressed by Becky's togetherness. While I absolutely agree with her in theory that Jake is just a person to whom she has every right to speak, the way I feel about him is so overwhelming that I might be reduced to idiocy. I frequently am when I'm around someone I feel so attracted to, and there's never been anyone more attractive to me than Jake.

Prophecy Girl said...

Thanks for the congrats!! I guess I should have added that I really didn't think he was going to come out and then he just appeared of nowhere. The fact that there was no time to really work up any nervousness might have had something to do with it. :) And a year ago, I would have been falling all over myself. I think if you do this long enough, you start thinking that blogging is your job and that removes a bit of personal hysteria aspect. Or maybe I'm just weird. :D

And I just wanted to thank you again for submitting the questions you did...AWESOME ONES!! I'm feeling a bit torn, just like you, especially on the Boo question. I didn't even submit it, but I'm thinking, 'Hey, I do the MySpace, I got people to send in postcards, brits has done a thousand posts inquiring about that dog...and now we get an answer that doesn't mean much and...it's suddenly communal property?!? That's OUR angle!!' So, I feel you. And trust me, I would feel a lot better about the Jake in '08 question if I'd been the one to ask that...

Speaking of which, I'm going to e-mail you about Jake in '08 when I get home. ;)

Cherita said...

I think if you do this long enough, you start thinking that blogging is your job and that removes a bit of personal hysteria aspect. Or maybe I'm just weird.

I don't think you're weird. Well, you're weird, but that's not why. ;) It makes perfect sense; it's been only a couple of months for me, and already I do see how things can be changed by feeling a responsibility to the subject. I've been thinking a lot about it this weekend, and I'm going to work on remaining true to the impulses that got me started here. Obviously I admire your and Brits' tenacity and effort to have maintained JW for almost a year and a half now; it's far more work than people would guess.

Hey, take heart: he did say that people send him "funny things," right? What's funnier than, say, an installment of Sock Watch, or Blatant Stalking? My guess is that Jake's seen your work more than a few times, whether he paid attention to where it came from or not. Maybe now that it's been brought up, he'll be curious about the internet again. One never knows, with Jake.

Speaking of which, I'm going to e-mail you about Jake in '08 when I get home.

Please do! I'll be waiting.

BirdGirl said...

I'm sure your right about Jake seeing a "Sock Watch" or two. The man was smart enough not to name names when answering the quetions. He wouldn't want to hurt any bodies feelings if he looked at one site and not another. Also, how would people react if they knew he looked at a particular site? I think that the Jake Watch girls have brought many smiles to his beautiful face.

Xenia said...

My dear Cherita, what to say?
My head is spinning with all these viewings and visions of Jake, I’m trying to pick up the pieces and making one of my own…I felt him everywhere this days, thoght about him all the time while my access to Internet was denied, like when you know you’re gonna see someone you’re very attracted to and then there’s this sweet melancholic tickling all over your body…*sigh*

So Jake ate lasagna this week-end? Me too! And it was really really good!! (Bring it on Mama!!):)
About the meaning of “Sotto sotto”: it’s an idiom that means more or less “deep down” referring to something or, in this case, some place that is well hidden or intimate…

Jake and lesbians huh? Have you ever seen this ?

Oh and that sweet sweet Chad…I knew that that pin was from a man, I don’t know why, and Jake wore it proudly…what a man!

Oh and you got your answer about cilantro too! :D

Xenia said...


Speaking of the video you requested on WDW, the PC I use hasn't any software to download videos on-line, I'm sorry Cherita.
But the link upside is from a DC poster who summerizes some of the videos of the other interviews that Jake gave in a row from the red carpet in Toronto. Hope it'll be useful.

Cherita said...

Sorry for the delayed reaction, Xenia. No, I hadn't seen that bit about the "lesbianish men," and I still wonder how it is that I can see Jake as so absolutely, undeniably masculine while others find androgyny in him. He had it, I think, when he was younger, but to me he outgrew it some time ago, and no sequined dress or wig will ever reestablish it. Like I've said before, Jake is something different to everyone.

Thanks for the link to the DC Forum post. When last I looked, another member had commented that the CTV video wasn't Mac-friendly, so I've linked the source object in my new post today for those who, like me (and Jake!), are Mac users. :D