Hey there, handsome

Jake, still unshaven as of Saturday
Everyone's excited over the photos of Jake included with the October issue of Interview magazine. I actually prefer this one, reported to have been taken yesterday in Hollywood, because it's natural. Hell, it's beautiful. More at JJ. Lady, why the scowl? Jake's smiling. You'd better believe if it were part of my job to be walking around talking to and dining with Jake Gyllenhaal, I'd be grinning from ear to ear the entire time. She ought to trade jobs with me. I wonder how she'd do dealing with arcane public policies, employees that refuse to complete paperwork correctly, and callers who can't enunciate, all on a government-peon salary. Maybe then she'd appreciate a little stroll and chitchat with the lovely one.

I certainly don't dislike the Interview photos. But they look about as authentic as this one from W. We know Jake really is an active, sporty guy. Somehow these images manage to make him look like a fraud. I can't decide if the silliness of them was completely intentional, on the part of Jake or photographer Mark Seliger. Maybe I'm just cynical today.

Jake Gyllenhaal: JG CrewI'll say this: Seliger missed the boat on this one. Jake should have been wearing a tank shirt and working those oars. I've always thought he had the shoulders and arms of a rower.

So, we have no evidence of Jake or anyone else from Rendition having been in New Jersey for the Filmmakers Symposium's opening week. Damn good thing I didn't sell one of my kidneys for travel money. Oh, well. The symposium continues to run through December 4. It might still happen, and if it does, someone, somewhere is sure to report having been there. If there's one universal truth, it is that people who see Jake in person all want to tell the world about it. I can't imagine why.

Nobody is more down-to-earth and genuinely cool than Jake Gyllenhaal. I just like him a lot personally. I feel that he has not been affected much by stardom. -- Jim Nelson, GQ's Editor in Chief
And he wasn't even the one interviewing Jake. Our boy leaves quite the impression.

Photos: Simple Answers to Complex Questions, IHJ, and Just Jared.


BirdGirl said...

I do know what you mean about the Interview pictures. Most of there photo shoots are like that though so I've kind of grown to expect it. I do think that they mean to be silly. It does get kind of annoying. I will somehow look past it to see the pure sexiness of Jake. Every time he has the same affect on me.

I hadn't seen those new JJ pictures. Nice slacks baby! What a sweet surprise. All of these Jake pictures in one day. I can’t get enough of that man!

Xenia said...

It seems that things (and what things) always happen while I'm away...

So: you don't like Interview photoshoot huh?
Well, I prefer Jake in his natural beauty too but...the pic where Jake' holding a chopper in his hands made me shiver, the pose has something classical...he's the closest thing to a Greek ancient statue I've ever seen ...And I have an image forming in my mind at this moment and if it'll ever complete I'll post it on JW forum...:)

Yes, lady-walking-beside Jake, you have to smile! You really don't know what does a lousy job mean!;D

Cherita said...

I don't want to give the impression that I really don't like those photos. I just don't love them as much as everyone else seems to. I think they would have come across better with me if Jake had been less dead-serious (the exact aspect of them that everyone else seems to find so compelling!) or had actually been in action for each shot. Anyway, I always appreciate goofy pictures of him, and these fit in that category, IMO.

BirdGirl, I'm loving those slacks, too. Something about them...or maybe it's just what's in them. :X

Xenia, I definitely can see what you mean about the wood-chopping picture. I just replied to your forum post. ;)

BirdGirl said...

Interview has always had odd pictures. I'm not really sure what they are going for. Maybe they are trying to be different? You should have seen the pictures they had of Lindsey Lohan. They actually tried to make her look like Elizabeth Taylor!!! I wasn't very happy!

It would be pretty hard to mess up a Jake photo shoot. He's just so damn fine, the camera (and me) loves him.

So how long do you think that the beard is going to last? Does he think he can disguise himself from us? You can run but you can't hide Jakey Poo. We can spot you a mile away! :)

Cherita said...

Yes, the longer I think about it (despite how that sounds, it hasn't been one continuous uninterrupted stretch of intense mental focus on Jake's photoshoot...honest) the more I believe they were looking for some type of humor or awkwardness. Well, they got it. What I'd really like to see are the raw images, rather than scans. I doubt we'll get hold of those any time soon, so maybe I can settle for buying the magazine, if I can find it.

So how long do you think that the beard is going to last?

I'm gonna go way out on a limb and say it will be gone within the next 3 days. Why? Because he's random like that. Certainly isn't working out as a disguise if people all recognized him at that Rufus Wainwright show anyway. ;)

BirdGirl said...

Nothing could disguise that beautiful face. He sure does like the Rufus. I do too but I don't think I could watch him perform only Judy tunes. As much as I like the Judy, "Clang, clang went the trolley." I have a soft spot for Meet Me in St. Louis. Maybe Jake and I could get together and watch it. He he!!! Okay so maybe I wouldn’t be watching the movie. :)

BirdGirl said...

Oh yeah I forgot to say...

I hopefully will be getting my copy of Interview in the mail soon. If you can't find a copy of it anywhere, I will gladly describe it's loveliness for you. You’ll find one. Try Borders. I can't wait! When I see that beautiful face coming out of my mailbox I might fall over dead.