Mid-sentence Jake is insanely sexySo much Jake, so little time. My week has been pretty bad, and while I'm tempted to be bitter that reality chose to interfere with the TIFF/U.S. Open Jakefest, instead I am reminding myself how grateful I am that every time I was significantly bummed out, new pics of Jake were just a click away. I don't even care how silly that sounds. The mere act of viewing his image, in photos taken of him doing the moviestar thing and clearly enjoying himself, brought peace and contentment to me instantly. This is the epitome of Zen Gyllenhaalism. If I could, I would thank Jake for being what he is to me.

Delicious Jake outside the TIFF Rendition press conferenceAmong the wonders that got me this far, the publication of Jake's answers to my questions in Toronto's National Post. The fact that her paper printed what was originally a blog post makes me think Vanessa Farquharson received email from quite a few Gyllenhaalics following her (I suspect facetious, originally) invitation to post questions for Jake in the comments on her blog; she was able to convince someone that this, too, was entertainment news. My favorite appearance of the article is the one they posted in the Ampersand, because it not only includes a lovely photo of Jake, but has been titled "Calling All Gyllenhaalics: Jake Gyllenhaal reveals hatred of cilantro!" Of course, Jake didn't use the word hate, but hey, they found my weird question good enough to attract readers. That rocks.

Okay, enough rambling about that.

Jake and Chris strike GQ poses at the US OpenIf you haven't already, please check out the latest salvo in the Jake in '08 campaign over at Jake Watch. Just make sure you don't have any food or liquid in your mouth before you click.

Also, for those who, like me, were right pissed off when clicking to view the red carpet interview video WDW linked in this post resulted in a lame message that the clip wasn't viewable on Macintosh computers, I dug into the source code and ferreted out the object url. When you click this link, it should open either in your browser or whatever helper application is assigned to handle Windows Media files. I can confirm that it played for me in both Quicktime Player and VLC. Unfortunately, some lazy ass did not bother to edit the clip properly before turning it into a stream--you will first be presented with a couple of minutes of blank screen, followed by a report on healthy snacking, followed at last by Jakey goodness. I was able to skip ahead using the little scrub arrow; your mileage may vary.

Jake finds tennis far more amusing than I do

CTV red carpet interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

Yes, it's worth all that trouble just to see Jake being the darling man he is. Sorry, my multiple attempts to capture the stream to a video file so I could edit out the garbage all failed. Hopefully this will show up on YouTube or Google Video soon.

All photos: IHJ.


Xenia said...

Oh that cilantro question rules, one of the DC poster (Tammy) has put it as her avatar!
Take a look!:D


My only complaint is that it wasn't you asking that questions...can you imagine Jake looking at you in mock gravity declaring he HATES cilantro?

I'm glad you was able to watch that video, I know you would have done it BTW, stubborn Gyllenhaalic that you are!;)

Can I end this comment saying that I'm in love with Jake, at least to you my dear? :)

Cherita said...

Oh that cilantro question rules, one of the DC poster (Tammy) has put it as her avatar!

*giggle* My meta-celebrity grows. Yes, definitely mock-gravity! You and I must be sharing the same inner Jake. ;) And of course you know I understand about loving Jake. I love him, too, and I'm telling it to the whole world, or at least the ones who'll listen. I'd do it on a crowded street corner, I'd do it on television, I'd do it from a big stage in front of 20,000 people. There is no shame in loving Jake, ever.

BirdGirl said...

I can't get the fucking thing to load. I guess I will give it another go later. BTW, if loving Jake is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Cherita said...

^^^That sucks. Are you using the Mac OS or Windows? What browser do you use? Like I said, it works for me at home on both of my Macs with Firefox. Remember, the beginning is blank for about two minutes. You can email me if you want and I'll try to help you make it work. Have I mentioned lately that I am a card-carrying (A+ Certified) geek? ;)

BirdGirl said...

Duuuuuhhhhhhh! You did say that it is blank didn't you. I'm sorry. I'm not with it today. When I posted earlier I had just found out my aunt had passed away. I will give it another go. Thanks girl for brightening my day. See I really do use Zen Gyllenhaalism to cheer me up.

Cherita said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt, BirdGirl. It seems that I'm not alone in using Jake for distraction at the most uncomfortable of times. Not much more I can say to the loss of a loved one except, again, how sorry I am. :(

ncwoman said...

Can I just say....

You ROCK, girlfriend! On so many levels...

*sings*...And I'm telling you, she's not going....you're gonna love herrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

*No explanation needed to Gyllenhaalics of the above reference, although lyrics slightly altered to describe my brilliant and talented friend Cherita.

ncwoman said...

Bird Girl, my sympathies in the loss of your aunt. I lost a much loved and cherished aunt unexpectedly 3 years ago, and I still miss her. I understand your grief and can relate. ((((Hugs)))