Toothpicks, stir straws, bubblegum, fingernails
An endless parade of pacifying proxies
passing between those restless lips

What is it that you crave?

Watching your mouth is like soft-core porn
Your tongue, ever eager to taste the world
taunts me with its frequent flicks and licks
Such a busy, well-exercised muscle
always working something
rolling, gnawing, chewing, sucking

My whole body aches for the attention
of that insatiable, untamed mouth

(previously posted to the JW forums, 5/10/07)

All photos: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

Okay so I am officially on sensory overload. I see I'm not the only one who is about to rip her hair out in anticipation of next week.


I remember reading that the first time you posted it. It is so true. You articulate your feelings so well.

As for the “stalking” I think that you are right. I better stay clear of Jake. I’m sure the mere sight of him would kill me or cause me to flip my fucking lid. I don’t want to be like that girl that broke into Brad Pitts house a few years back. I think they found her in his bed wearing his clothes. CRAZY!

Xenia said...

Oh my god...I'm at work right now and totally not alone and I'm severely turned on by this one...oh just the thought of that sensual, soft, warm mouth (the first Jake's feature I fell for)on my...everywhere...is a KILLER!!

You're definitely not alone BG...;)

Cherita said...

Heh, thanks, ladies. It's one of my more lust-laden ones, indeed. I've wanted to post it since those recent pics of Jake leaving dinner with the toothpick. :) Having read what I did recently did not exactly help me to put the vision out of my head, if you understand my meaning. Clearly we are not the only ones under the spell of Jake's incredible mouth. Xenia is right; I really need to look at my situation differently. I am so obviously not alone.