Screaming girls

Jake Gyllenhaal lights up RomeHere's yet another great interview with Jake from London, this time in the Daily Mail. Today's lighthearted gem of a quote comes in response to the question of who Jake would like to be stuck in an elevator with. He sidesteps this neatly, as we have come to expect, by instead talking about the crazy interview he did with Susan Sarandon for Moonlight Mile, a portion of which took place in the ladies' room of a Manhattan restaurant.

I discovered two things that day: that the floor in a woman's bathroom is colder than the floor in the men's. And, believe me, I've spent a lot of time on the floor of a men's bathroom so I should know!
Looks like Jake has plenty of fans in RomeWhat, was he standing there barefoot? Positively priceless, darling. Now we'll have lots of blog posts in the next week about Jake Gyllenhaal's intimate knowledge of men's room floors. At least he didn't say they were airport men's rooms.

I'm not going to discuss the other thing he discovered, unless someone really wants me to. Because I could, you know. I'm just trying to be polite to my innocent readers.

Whatever you do, Reese, do not look at those eyelashes! Oh, my.Apparently he either has managed to avoid exposure to the redundant and conflicting agendas of the worst offenders, or recognizes that they do not represent all of us, because he has kind words for his fans in general. And in case anyone still doubted it, Jake confirms that he loves that red carpet attention, so I hope our Xenia and Kate screamed their lungs out for him in Rome. I'd love to scream for him, too, but I'd prefer to do it in a more private setting.

All photos: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

Jake you are a funny funny man. There I go talking to him again. You know how I like to do that.

I can't wait to here from Xenia tomorrow. Hopefully she had an amazing time.

No, I didn't stay and try to speak with Henry. I unfortunately had to be to work in the morning. I confess I would probably chicken out because believe it or not I am kind of shy. That's why I don't think I should ever try and meet Jake. It would be like Chris Farley and Paul McCartney from SNL. “Remember when you were in the Beatles?”

Xenia said...

Here I am...back to my ordinary life...

I already commented about my experience on JW Forum and if you have any other question about it write it over there, I will try to answer back...

I wanna post my own review of Rendition too but I will tomorrow because I wanna it to make some sense so I have to prepare it...:P

Despite the fact that it hasn't been a completely satisfying experience, God, having the chance to look at Jake in the flesh, walking by the Red Carpet, was great, really.

I will always remember the vision of him as admired in silence from the huge windows of the Auditorium foyer, his sexy and a little goofy gait, the smiles, the handshakes, the looks...this silent reverie will remain with me forever (at least as long as my crush for Jake).

I missed you girls, it would have been wonderful to have you with me and Kate in Rome, drinking wine, having some pasta, talking about Jake no-end...:)

Cherita said...

That's why I don't think I should ever try and meet Jake. It would be like Chris Farley and Paul McCartney from SNL. "Remember when you were in the Beatles?"

ROFL!!! Seriously, that totally cracked me up. I know I go on and on about how I would probably faint or run away if I met him, but honestly I don't know. I have surprised myself in the past.

Xenia, welcome back!!! Big hugs to you, and I'm so glad you had a chance to be in the same room with Jake. You mentioned his distinctive gait, and I think that's funny because I noticed it seemed more pronounced that before in Rendition. I'd have loved to be there, not so much for Jake (because that's a long way to go for me just to look at him) but to meet you and Kate! I haven't been over to the forum yet, but will get there post-haste!