Rendering truth

Meredith Viera: Brokeback Mountain, did you have any idea when you were making that, what you were sitting on? ...So to speak, I probably shouldn't use that term, actually I apologize...

Jake: Very well put, Meredith.

Well, that was worth waking up for.

So let's recap the promotional tour so far:

Jonathan Ross awkwardly focuses the majority of his interview on Brokeback Mountain and Jake artfully dodges the environmental issue by declaring he swims everywhere. Ross then ratchets the awkwardness up another couple notches by commenting appreciatively about Jake's naked stomach.

Jake on Letterman: did anyone really believe a word of this story?Jake tells David Letterman that a shitfaced, belligerent woman in London went from an object of hate to love when she called him Jake Gooberballs. Dave asks the tired old question about growing up in a showbiz family and we are all rewarded with another story demonstrating that Stephen Gyllenhaal is an absent-minded dork. I picture Naomi with her head in her hands listening to this.

Jake on Today: in all fairness, I wouldn't have been able to form complete sentencesThe Today interview goes from intense, focused intellectual discussion about Rendition and Jake's (very well articulated, I thought) motivations in choosing roles to embarrassed twitters as Meredith Viera puts her fumbling foot quite neatly in her mouth while yet again bringing up a movie Jake made two years ago. Jake handles it so gracefully I want to kiss him. I'm kidding no one here, I always want to kiss him.

Jake on Regis and Kelly: you're a nosy fuck, ReegeAnd now, Kelly Ripa thinks the beard is a nice one. Kelly apparently doesn't notice the patchiness that I see, or that gray spot that Jake himself has just acknowledged. Regis Philbin interrogates Jake about his social life like an overprotective mother. Jake struggles to remain polite while avoiding answering questions that are no one's damn business and still comes off charming. Kelly at least manages to ask a decent question about photo shoots, and Jake uses the word fraud regarding those Interview images. I swear I've heard that before.

More on all this later. I'm going back to bed for a few hours.

All photos: IHJ.


Xenia said...

I've just downloaded the clip from IHJ and watched it sans audio so I confess that a little superficially I payed attention only on his beard that looks a little trimmed...

But the brief exchange between Jake and that Meredith Viera you reported left me speechless, Jesus Christ a man so young and so so wise and classy he takes my breath away...no wonder you want to kiss him, I'd kiss him even for much less (and you too ;))!!

BirdGirl said...

What crazy 12 Jake filled hours it has been. I feel like I need to go back to bed as well

I really loved Daves interview even though it was extremely short. I have had enough intern jumping to last me a life time.

The Today show was really good too. Sometimes I just can't believe how intelligent he really is. He also looked spectacular. The lighting def agreed with him in that studio. Hell the natural light outside before the interview did too. His eyes... GUH!!!!!

I think that Regis and Kelly are two of the most annoying people on the planet but the stuff about Interview was interesting. I can't wait to see what Ellen has to say about it. :)

Sorry if I rambled on a lot. I am so tired. I think that I have a Jake hangover. I better get over it soon cause tonight it going to be a late one with Conan.

Cherita said...

Hello again, ladies. Xenia, I hope you've had a chance now to listen to the clip, as Jake speaks rather eloquently (for Jake) about not just extraordinary rendition but making movies with heart. And yes, I'd kiss him for much less, I'd kiss him just for being him. But you knew that. I agree with you both, he was absolutely, I mean, mesmerizingly beautiful this morning, and the beard always looks better when trimmed. I loved the brief cuts of Jake walking outside the Today studios talking to people. And if you haven't yet, go take a look at the preview of Ellen on her site. She really did get him to cook something, and it looks like he's in his t-shirt doing it. I may need to take Friday off just to recover from that.

Right now I'm waiting for WDW to put up her new post about Film 2007. I thought about trying to take another nap, sort of stockpiling sleep for what I'll lose tonight, but I know from experience that doesn't work, so I'm just going to keep chilling and hoping that Conan turns out to be the best of them all so far. I almost feel like apologizing to Jake for all the inanity he's endured on this press run, though I had nothing to do with it. He almost always handles shit with aplomb but that doesn't mean it hasn't started to wear on him.

Tonight after Conan I'll probably go into more discussion of my impressions, including my curiosity over Jake's reaction to the intern jumping. Something tells me if he saw it, he loved it.

BirdGirl said...

I must say that I liked Jakes Letterman story. Sure it was kind of over the top but he so fucking funny. It actually hurt I laughed so hard.

The more I think about it the more pissed off I get that he only was interviewed for 5 mins.
WTF. I think that he spent more time with that guy jumping those fucking interns. It was a little funny but why would you do that shit on a night with 3 guests? One of them being Mr. Gooberballs.

sass said...

Hi there, I'm here having a great time reading your thoughts about our Jake week and having fun.
I'm can't sleep but who cares, this is Jake week. Descartes says, I think therefore I sleep. Huh? :)
TY for all the coverage. Your site and WDW"s site keeps me busy, happy and Jake filled. I wish I could spell check this post but I can't, so please forgive all errors and typos.

Cherita said...

BG, I agree that Letterman just packed way too much into a show that should have spent far more time on the most charming, entertaining guest any host has ever had. And the story was only disappointing to me in comparison to all of Jake's other, more wonderful stories. Like the Sox story last night on Conan. ;)

Glad you're enjoying everything, Sass! I like your version better than Descartes'. Personally I've always been partial to Sartre's Hell is other people. :D Of course, that was before Jake was in the world.