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Jake Gyllenhaal, action hero?News always breaks overnight. It's a conspiracy to keep me from sleeping, and it's working. Variety reports that Jake Gyllenhaal has signed on to star in a DreamWorks project about colonization of the moon. Sigh.

They call it an "actioner." I cringed. Okay, I admit a love-hate relationship with The Day After Tomorrow, which I re-watched many times before realizing Jake was my ultimate goal in life. The effects, minus those awful wolves, were spectacular, and the tornadoes in Los Angeles always got me. But let's face it, the film took lots of liberties with science. Not just the climate stuff, either. I remember laughing the first time I saw a trailer for it, and they showed that big wave crashing into the NYC high-rises...and flowing around them. Huh?? I know water is fluid, but, uh, whatever.

Jake's Sam Hall, dead sexyThis as-yet untitled moon project may not be the cerebral comedy I still hope Jake will find, but it does have potential. Action flicks have heroes. Sam Hall was a terrific teenage geeky genius lovestruck hero, even if he did start by burning the books instead of the furniture (I never understood that). What kind of role will Jake have in this thing? One of the colonists? He's obviously the lead, as he's the only one cast so far. I can't object to Jake wanting to do another blockbuster, if that's what this will be. He's got to cut loose once in a while and just do something that makes him jump up in the screening room and yell, "This movie rocks!" But we don't know enough yet to say that this is that. What we know is that Jake has gone from nothing (officially) in the works to busiest man in the world again. Obviously that nice summer vacation did the trick.

Incidentally, I love little convergences like this. Mark Bowden is better known as the guy who wrote Black Hawk Down, who exchanged this correspondence with Anthony Swofford.

Jake, dressed as Sam, could melt polar icecaps with that lookThat brings me back to my other concern, and this is a big one. It stems from the comment that Bowden "did a complete reconception of the story and will pen the screenplay." Stories that have to be completely re-written don't inspire much confidence in me. But of course I must reserve judgment. Jake thought it was good enough to attach his name to it, and that's encouraging. Plus if it ends up as total shit, we know Jake will not hold back in telling them so.

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Xenia said...

Sorry for commenting before you complete the post but, you know, we have this time gap so when you get to work it's time for me to leave work and go back home...:)

I'm not so fond of The Day after Tomorrow either (while I'm fond of Sam Hall ;)), it's the only Jake's film I can find 'boring', and so-called science, futuristic movies are not my cup of tea...

But at least there's one more Jake's project which means more of Jake being around, so...we'll see...:)

BirdGirl said...

I was happy to see that he has another project in the works. It is going to be a long time before we have another Jake Week.

I must admit, I like TDAT. I went and saw it when it came out before I knew I was in love with Jake. It is def cheesy though.

I will always remind my boyfriend (as he is giving me shit about having to go see Rendition) that it is his fault for wanting me to see TDAT with him. And making me watch Donnie Darko. This is all his fault! Now he must just deal with the consequences. :)

Cherita said...

Xenia, I agree. More Jake is always the way to go. I just hope the project is worthy of him.

BirdGirl, your boyfriend doesn't know what he's in for. I can't imagine how any man could complain about taking his girlfriend to sit in a darkened theater and watch a walking, breathing aphrodisiac on the big screen. I may just have to find a cooperative stranger to sit next to, myself. :x

BirdGirl said...

I trust his judgment. I'm sure he won't have anything to do with a shit script.

Good luck finding your stranger! ;) Choose your seat wisely. It's going to be amazing seeing that beautiful body up on the screen. I CAN'T WAIT.

BTW, I finally saw the "Open the Gate" commercial for Rendition this weekend. All I can say is ggrrrraaaaa. He's so sexy when he gets tough. I have to fan myself just thinking about it.

heddaparsons said...

I am so look ing forward to this film, it sounds really interesting.

Glad to see Jake has TWO movies lined up!1

Cherita said...

Yay, BG! I'm glad you got to see it. You just inspired me to go home and re-watch it myself tonight. :D Isn't he intense? But then again, everything Jake does is intense for me.

Hedda, I am also thrilled that Jake's got two projects on tap. There is nothing worse than not knowing when we'll see him acting again, and he's just given us the biggest gift in the world by removing that doubt for a while to come. Plus, if that guy over at ModFab knows what he's talking about (and JA says he does, which is good enough for me), Farragut North under the direction of Mike Nichols is not dead in the water. I may have to quit my job entirely to keep up with all the Jake events next year. Right.

BirdGirl said...

That sounds like a completely reasonable thing to do Cherita. Maybe I should quit to. We could be like Dead Heads and just follow Jake around. Ha ha!

Xenia said...

OT :
Apparently someone stole my idea!!;)
Remember the project to write BBM fanfics set in ancient Greece?
Well it seems that someone did it for real!
You don't have to read it really, but that made me smile...:)


Cherita said...

BG, I think today they call that stalking. ;) I do know what you mean, but right now the way I feel, getting close to Jake would probably just make me want to off myself out of frustration. Better to keep him at a distance, on a screen for now.

Of course someone came up with your idea, Xenia, because it was bound to happen! LOL! And no, I don't plan to read it, but I hope that if you do, you enjoy it and feel it does the subject justice. With your knowledge, you could probably even offer to help the author.