Whiskery wonder

Wow, that was quick. When I mentioned the other day that I'd like a transcript of the Los Angeles Rendition press conference, I didn't think I would get it. This seems to be a new trend for me. Perhaps I should causually comment that it would be wonderful if Jake Gyllenhaal showed up on my doorstep and asked me to marry him, but it's unlikely. We'll see if that one pans out.

Here, courtesy of the always helpful Wet Dark and Wild, is a transcript of all the discussion which wasn't spoiler-y in nature. For those who don't mind being spoiled, download and listen to the recording of the entire press conference, via Frosty at Collider.

Want pictures with that? Stephanie at IHJ took care of those, too.

Jake laughsJake explainsJake looks at the camera in a way that does things to me physically
More here. Could he be any more beautiful? Okay, so my random guess about when he would shave totally missed, but I don't care. At least he's keeping it trimmed for public appearances. Maybe he wants to look older. Maybe he wants to look less attractive (judging by the reactions of some people, it's working--but not for me). Maybe he thinks it disguises him a little. Maybe he just damn well doesn't feel like shaving it off yet. I'd have guessed he was keeping it for the purpose of his Iran So Far cameo, but he still had it as of Tuesday, when this picture was snapped.

Jake shopping in LA on 10/2/07Still waiting for Steph to get her hot little hands on the set, but I know she will in time. Anyway, Jake's beard does not bother me. I'll take him any way he comes.

All photos: IHJ, except that little pap shot.


BirdGirl said...

I'm surprised too that he hasn't shaved it off yet. I think that it will be gone in time for Jake Week part II. I could be wrong but I just have a feeling.

Shit I'd take him ZZ Top beard wearing a burlap sack with a “I Love George W. Bush” button pinned to it. Okay, we all know that last one wouldn't happen.

Cherita said...

I'd take him ZZ Top beard wearing a burlap sack with a “I Love George W. Bush” button pinned to it

So would I, though neither the beard nor the sack would last long! Damn, I just imagined what it would be like to shave Jake's beard. I should not have done that. Oh, my.

BirdGirl said...

Oh girl, now you've taken it in a different direction. The thought of shaving Jakes beard...


You've given me the chills!

heddaparsons said...

I must be one of the few that actually like jake in a beard! As long as he keeps it tidy.

BirdGirl said...

I just wanted to let you all know that Stephanie has put up the bigger versions of the LA press conference for our viewing pleasure.

He is one of the few people who can actually pull off the beard.

Cherita said...

Hedda, I'm right there with you. But as I said, I actually like him just about any old way.

Thanks for the headsup, BG! Coincidentally I was just there downloading the HQs before I came back here. :D I love the red carpet and press conference images we get of him, because they're usually not retouched--Jake in all his big, beautiful, natural, furry glory!

BirdGirl said...

He is one man that doesn't need to be retouched (ha ha). I hate it when they touch up the scar on his forehead.

I just want to thank you for putting that shaving Jakes beard thought in my head. I can't stop thinking about it now. I will probably lay awake thinking about it tonight. The whole idea is very erotic to me. :)

Xenia said...

I don't know if I like beard or not, the only thing I know is that 'beard' looks wonderful on Jake...Jesus Christ he was STUNNING at the press conference...
And the thought of that beard tickling all the right places...

Cherita, I know I'm a whiner and a PC analphabet but I can't see the press conference...what could it be...that my PC can't read MP3 files? Please, enlighten me! :)

And where did you find that pic at the bottom of your post, I couldn't find it on IHJ! I want to see it embigged, I want to know if Jake has some 'mozzarella di bufala' in that shopper!! :D

Cherita said...

LOL! Glad you're still enjoying the shaving fantasy, BG. I am, too. And the airbrushing of Jake's images just baffles me. I think one of the sexiest image of him, if it could be narrowed down, is this one from Entertainment Weekly where you not only have his armpit, but a zit on his face and every hair and pore shows. It's so real I want to touch it (touch him). Who the hell wants a mannequin with no imperfections?

Xenia, there's nothing to see on the press conference file (as far as I know! haven't played it myself) because it's just an audio file. Windows Media Player should be able to open it. Try right-clicking and saving the file to your machine, then opening it there--it's huge, about 33MB! That might be why it doesn't want to play inline for you.

The bottom pic was from the Ramey "agency"--someone tipped to it on the DC forum. Stephanie at IHJ will probably have it eventually. I actually discussed it with her, because I too was feeling impatient to see the full image. I love that crazy pose--he looks almost like he's tiptoeing away from something. :D Steph, who is the sweetest young lady, said she has issues trying to get photos from that particular site, and I agree that it was far more valuable to us that she post the press conference set. There wasn't a single one from the shopping set that properly showed Jake's face. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't want to see it! The bag is from a toy store, so the presumption is that he was shopping for his niece's birthday gifts. ;)