Sensory overload

Jake, I don't know what you're doing, but I love how it looks
Every single day, I tell myself I'm going to stop spending so much damn time on Jake, and every single day, I fail. Last night while I managed to catch up on House, MD (with that Rendition spot again, yay!) and Dexter, Jake Gyllenhaal was at a premiere for Rendition in Beverly Hills. As you can see, the beard lives. In fact, the beard is once again taking on a life of its own. I love you, you rebellious, furry man. Over 100 new photos up at IHJ.

What did this photog do to make Jake grab his lens?Steph's also got us some caps from the HBO First Look: Rendition that aired last night. I attempted to transfer the show from my DVR, but the resulting file had audio, no video. Possibly a copy protection issue because it's a pay channel. I was too damn tired to figure out another way last night, and by the time I get around to it, I'm sure someone will have made it available elsewhere. For all I know, they already have. (Update: Silly me, of course they have. IHJ took care of you. Get it here.)

Jake Gyllenhaal. Grrrrr!How will I survive Rendition Week if Jake keeps popping up at random in addition to all that's scheduled? As it is, most of my day is spent in contemplation of my goals and needs as inspired by Jake. There are not enough hours in a day, not enough time in the week to get a handle on what it is my brain is trying to tell me. Do I want to take a whack at being a writer? Or am I willing to keep working some job or other and just hope that my interests can be satisfied outside the nine-to-five routine? As it stands, my current job has become nothing more than a nuisance I endure to receive pay. That's pretty bad, and I'm not happy about it. But with Jake scrambling my brain, I'm having a hard time understanding what I do want. All I'm clear on is wanting him.

All photos: IHJ. Nod for post title to BirdGirl.


BirdGirl said...

“I love you, you rebellious, furry man." LOL!

I tell myself all of the time that I should cut back on my daily Jake. I just can't do it. When ever I am not in front of my computer I am thinking about him about 95% of the time. I wonder what he's doing. If and what you guys are posting. How muck longer it will be until I can sign back on? I am completely hopeless.

I actually almost cried yesterday when my boss was making the schedule and acted like I couldn't have next Friday afternoon off. I played it cool and she ended up giving me the whole day off. See good things can happen if you relax, breathe and think of Jake. :)

BirdGirl said...
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BirdGirl said...

Wow this comment thingy is giving me shit today. I hope I don't double post or cause too many headaches today. :)

Cherita said...

I'm just as bad right now, and it's a disgrace. I keep trying to remind myself that whatever new Gyllenhappenings occur, the evidence will still be around when I get to it, after RL stuff has been addressed. There are weeks like this one for me when it's a losing battle, but I know I'll get through it. Glad you got your Friday off! I couldn't get away with requesting that in addition to my Tuesday and the mini-vacation the following week, plus I'm still trying to decide if I can hold out and wait to see the movie until Charlene and I are together as I originally intended. It would be more fun that way, but she knows I'm weak. ;)

Don't worry about the comment situation, Blogger is being a bit of a moody so-and-so today. Gave me fits trying to insert pictures earlier!

BirdGirl said...

I am back to square one in trying to get someone to go with me. Brian (my BF) has to work Friday afternoon. I guess I am on my own.

On a funny note, he said that during Jake Week is going to have to hang out in the bar. He said he needs to start a Jake Gyllenhaal widowers club. I promptly told him I was going to come on here and tell you all about it. :)

Cherita said...

He said he needs to start a Jake Gyllenhaal widowers club


You know what? I'll bet he would have an enormous membership. That's a terrific blog concept, if ever I heard one.

Sorry he's not able to go with you. Any chance you can get to Fort Lauderdale on 10/19? ;) I'd love to keep you company. I just can't travel because I'm doing that the following weekend.

Xenia said...

My job makes sense only because the PC I use is where I work and so my only source for all is Jake related and my way to keep contacts with you all...
Maybe after completing my studies a change or two will have to be done for good...

That's because I'm never around on week-ends...and this week-end will be HARD keeping away from here, seriously...But I have faith you all will hold the fort and give me a way to recover from my absence...

Cherita, I'm so happy you and Charlene (say hi for me)will watch Rendition together! And a little bit envious too...;)

And BG : The JG Widowers Club is a treat! :D

ncwoman said...

The Jake Gyllenhaal Widower's Club.

LMAO!!! BG, your boyfriend is not only terrific and has a great sense of humor, but he's brilliant too!

Cherita my dear, I would SOOO understand if you were unable to wait until the 25th to see Rendition. Friendship is one thing, but all's fair in love and war, and believe me, love and longing for Jake takes priority!

Xenia, yes I am absolutely psyched that Cherita and I will see Rendition together! Even if she sees it before she gets here, I won't care, I'll get to see it with her, and that's good enough for me.

Cherita said...

Xenia, I hate that you can't be around on weekends. :( I wish there were something I could do to correct that. But at least you will have so much to look forward to, and then the week itself holds much promise with all the shows lined up! I can't stop myself from wondering whether Ellen took us up on any of our suggestions...I even asked her to get him to dance. I won't be disappointed if none of it comes up, though, because just having him there is treat enough. Anything else will be icing, and it might just kill me with joy. :D

Char! I know you'd understand if I jumped the gun on you, that's why I love you. *hugs* Think of it this way: maybe, having seen it will make me feel more relaxed so I don't have to hang on every word--I'll be able to sit back and take in all the beauty.

Or maybe knowing what I'll be seeing will make me even more eager and a total wreck! Glad you'll be there, either way. ;)

Xenia said...

Hi Charlene! Have a good time watching the MOST. BEAUTIFUL. JAKE. EVER on a big screen in one of the crazier Jake's fan ever's company!!:D

Cherita, truth is (a sad truth actually) that I can't afford buying a computer at the moment...so I have to take care of all my stuff while at work, but honestly I don't give a shit because mine is a job I can do using a quarter of my brain...and I'm saying this not because I'm cocky but because I have a shitty job...:(

Ohhh next week I might overstress you...posting or even e-mailing you...you're warned...:)