Jake prefers long sleeves when flying
The beard makes a covert attempt to conquer Jake's neck, tooAbsurd. I've just become giddy with the sight of what appear to be hand wipes in the side pocket of Jake's backpack. More shots of Jake strolling through Heathrow are available at the IHJ Community.

Over and over, I marvel at the strangeness of my obsession. And not just my obsession, but that of the others in my condition, as well. For example, why is it so endearing that Jake Gyllenhaal wears the same casual clothes repeatedly? I do it. You probably do it. Everyone I know does it. But for some reason we assume that a movie star has so much money to burn, and such pressure to be an icon of style or freshness, it's utterly novel that Jake should wear the same goofy shirt with the craterous neckhole that he was snapped in a few weeks ago while valet parking for coffee.

Christ, Jake, is all that shit yours? You're only staying the weekend!Ah, fandom. I embrace my insanity.

And thanks, Jake, for wearing those boots, too. I love those boots. I want to see those boots propped up on my coffee table. I want them tossed haphazardly under my bed.

Ungh. Button fly again. You know all my naughty secrets, don't you, Jake?I must have finally reached and breached my overload point, because I'm totally back to zen right now, anticipating a live blogging event tonight by JW's britpopbaby. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross begins at 10:35 GMT, which equates to 5:35 EDT, my time. I shall still be in traffic when that happens, more likely than not, but I won't miss more than a few minutes unless there's an accident on the road, and no one would have the effrontery to keep me away from something like this: the vicarious experience of a talk show in another country on another continent by frequent browser refresh. I cannot wait.

Life is weird. Weird is good. I like it.

All photos: IHJ.


BirdGirl said...

Man if I only had disposable income Cherita I would be on a plane in a New York minute. :) I will go by myself in the afternoon and come share my thoughts ASAP.

I'm glad that you guy got a kick out of Brians support group idea. I thought that is was so funny that I actually stopped what I was doing and came here to tell ya'll about it.

I am sad that I missed the live blog. I was at the movies seeing Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It was pretty good but not as good as a live Jake blog. I go do things to please my friends but they don't love me enough to see Rendition. :( Why does my best friend have to be a crazy Republican?

BirdGirl said...

Those jeans he is wearing are so freaking perfect. I just don't know what to say. I don't really need to say anything. You know what I'm thinking. :) He knows how to show off that perfect body of his.

Cherita said...

Sorry to hear that your friend is a Republican. I mean, crazy. ;) Seriously, I wish I could afford it, too. And you must be a very versatile, open-minded individual to be able to maintain friendships with folks who are so limited in their views as to dismiss this movie before even seeing it. Or are they just afraid you'll embarrass them by moaning out loud in the theater? :D

Yes, those jeans are perfect. Every time I see Jake in button-fly pants, my lust-o-meter redlines briefly. I love how Jonathan Ross commented on Jake's abdomen, and Jake was just sort of shy and embarrassed. I must say, between that and Fincher's remarks on his unusual "fitness" for a rendition observer, my anticipation of Jake's opening scene is almost palpable.

BirdGirl said...

We have been friends for a long time before we even cared about left or right. That is the only reason I am able to put up with it. I do think that is good for me to a certain extent. I at least get to hear his side of things (as backwards as they are). He really is a good friend. He is recording Jake week for me with his DVR. I will have all of it on DVD in all it’s magical, relievable, glory.

I'm sure that he doesn't want to go with me because I might embarrass him. He would never admit to it though. He wouldn't want to hurt my feelings. Everyone knows that I just might yell something or "moan" in his opening scene. I keep going on and on about it. His body does things to me that I can't even explain.

Xenia said...

As it was predictable I missed all the fun, JW live blogging included...:(

Obviously I also noticed the shabby t-shirt...and the jeans that he was wearing e.g at his arrival at Toronto last September, his RayBan sunglasses, his NorthFace backpack, the boots he was wearing even in Cannes Autoportraits interviews...
I'm half pleased and half scared of all the minutiae I've managed to gather about him...